Msafely vs Kidsguard Pro

Learn why Msafely is a better monitoring solution choice than Kidsguard Pro

Compare the Features

Msafely vs Kidsguard Pro

Available on iOS and Android

Text messages tracking for iPhone


Support the monitoring of all SMS.

Kidsguard Pro

Part of solutions do not support SMS tracking.

No need to install app for Android


Directly bind the target device without installing any app.

Kidsguard Pro

It takes 25-45 minutes to install the app.

Without physical access to target Android


Connect the target device through the cloud account.

Kidsguard Pro

You must get the phone to install the app and complete the authorization.

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Why Msafely

Give our users the best product experience & avoid embarrassment

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Absolutely no app or icon appears on the targeted phone

After passing the verification for the first time, refreshing data does not require frequent input of verification codes

There is no surge in the network traffic of the monitored device

There is no sudden screenshot of the monitored device

After the user starts monitoring, there is no interference with the email push

All data encryption processing

Register for a free Msafely account with your valid email

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

  • Register a Msafely Account

    Register a Msafely Account

    Register for a free Msafely account with your valid email
  • Connect with a Target Device

    Connect with a Target Device

    Choose suitable plan and connect
    target phone with Msafely
  • Start Monitoring

    Start Monitoring

    Go to your Msafely Control Panel to
    start tracking the target device

Voice of Msafely Users

4.8 STAR


Good product! over all satisfied with the services it provides. The geofencing it provides is satisfying and also has some room for improvements in aspect of overall application optimization. It really helps me a lot.

SophiaSoftware Developer

I had used other phone tracking software before buying Msafely and most were not satisfied. Msafely surprised me because it was as powerful as advertised and I could easily get target's WhatsApp chats. I was so happy.

DanielCivil Enginer

Msafely is awesome! I'm very happy with the support team..Briana Molligan was patient with me, and answered all my questions, even providing additional articles. I am most thankful for her help!

EmilySoftware Developer

Msafely is best app for monitoring your kids online activity. I am very thankful to Eugene for helping me with setting process. I didn't have to wait at all. Thank you again Eugene. I'm very happy with your service.

JaydenHR specialist

Msafely is so great. Once I finish setting up , I can track target phone without touching it remotely. I can view all activities on the dashboard! I can view text messages, social media chats, photos, gps locations.


Customer service is fantastic. I honestly had major issues setting up. I lovely lady Brianna Molligan,helped me so much. Guided me step by step and made everything a breeze. All set up and ready to go!!! Thank you!!

EmmaSales Manager

The support is always highly expected. The service and performance came with a lot of knowledge and background. I highly recommend the company to anyone. User dashboard is the same as demo.


Great product awesome customer service I'm able to monitor my teen son an daughter it's been such a great service. I love online customer service. Whenever I send a message, they always respond very promptly.

MasonIT Manager

Msafely is most helpful. And anyone who complains about this App is obviously not following the instructions accurately! I am 25 years old and I have been using Msafely for two years.


Keep Things Under Control

Do your best for your family.

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Msafely SOFTWARE IS PURPOSIVE FOR LEGAL USE ONLY. Msafely is a monitoring app for smartphones and tablets created for parents who want to track their kids under the age of 18. The smartphone or tablet must be that of the purchaser of the Msafely software, or they must have their children's written consent. It is unlawful to utilize Msafely to keep tabs on your partner, spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend's digital devices. Monitoring without written permission will break the applicable law. thus, Msafely will provide law enforcement officials with all the help they need. Therefore, the buyer must abide by local regulations in their home country or region. The monitoring software is only meant for ethical use.

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