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How to Enable and Use Xbox One Parental Control

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The Xbox is a versatile device that is beloved by gamers worldwide. It serves as not only a gaming console but also a cable box and a multimedia device, catering to a diverse range of entertainment needs. Its widespread popularity and functionality make it a top choice for many users. There are different kinds of games and graphic content that are available on Xbox. 

As a responsible parent, it is crucial to closely monitor your children's activities on their Xbox consoles. Fortunately, Xbox offers a range of powerful parental control features that enable you to enforce usage restrictions and filter out inappropriate content. By utilizing these features effectively, you can ensure a safe and enriching gaming experience for your kids. 

In this informative post, we will help you set up Xbox One parental controls and restrict the way your kids use their devices. Let’s get it started.

Xbox One Parental Control

Part 1. How to Setup Parental Controls on Xbox One

In order to apply Xbox 360 parental controls, you need to start by setting up your profile and other administrator controls that come with it. Ensure that your child has accurately entered their age in their Microsoft account, as this will automatically lift the aforementioned restrictions once they reach adulthood. It is essential to maintain accurate age information to ensure a seamless transition in their profile settings as they grow older. In order to set basic Xbox parental controls, just follow these easy steps:

1. To begin, it's important to create individual accounts for your children on the Xbox One console. To accomplish this, simply press the dashboard button, typically located at the center of the controller. Once the dashboard is displayed, use the joystick to navigate to the "Family" section, which can be found under "Accounts."

family settings

2. Now, select the “Add to family” option to add another account to your Xbox. If your child already has an account, it will be visible in this section.

Add to family

3. This will open the following window. Make your kid sign in here with their Microsoft account initials. If they don’t have an account, then go to the “Create a new account” option.

sign in

4. After successfully signing in, you will get another window asking the parents to sign in. Select the option of “I'm an adult” and sign in using your own Microsoft account credentials.

5. Afterward, you will get different options related to security preferences, gold account setup, personalization, and other privacy settings. You can simply edit these settings on the go.

6. After applying these settings, make sure that you add your kid's account to the family. Now, it will be displayed under the “Family” section.

That's it! With the built-in Xbox One parental controls, you can effortlessly access and apply various content filtering and blocking options. These controls empower you to customize your family's gaming and entertainment experience to ensure a safe and appropriate environment for everyone. Let's delve into how you can enable and utilize these powerful features to enhance your Xbox One usage.

Part 2. How to Setup Content Restrictions on Xbox One

Once you've successfully created and added your child's account to the "Family" section, you gain the ability to implement a range of restrictions tailored to their account. Xbox 360 presents parental controls that allow you to limit the type of content accessible to your child. To effortlessly accomplish this, follow these straightforward steps:

Restrictions on Xbox One

1. Begin by opening the "Accounts" section, then navigate to "Family" and choose the account you wish to modify.

2. Within the account settings, you'll find various categories that can be adjusted, such as content access and web filtering. You can also remove an account if needed.

3. Access more controls and modes by selecting the "Privacy & Online Safety" feature. Here, you can customize settings for different age groups, such as child or teen defaults. For further customization, click on "View details & Customize."

4. This section allows you to view your child's activity history, including the music they listen to and the videos they watch.

5. Return to the previous menu and select "Access to Content" to set restrictions on the type of content your child can access. You can manage apps, media, and games, as well as prevent them from playing mature-rated games or viewing demos. Additionally, you have the option to hide listings and disable image previews.

6. Lastly, go back to the menu and choose "Web Filtering." Here, you can block adult content, establish general interest filters, and create a safer online environment for your child. You can also create a list of specific websites that your child is allowed to access.

By implementing these Xbox parental controls, you will have full control over the content your family members can access, ensuring a safer and more appropriate gaming experience.

Part 3. How to Setup Passkey for Parental Controls

To ensure the security of both your device and your account, setting up a passkey is essential. Without a passkey, there is a risk that your children could bypass the restrictions you've put in place using the Xbox One parental controls. Fortunately, creating a passkey is a straightforward process that can be accomplished by following these simple steps.

Setup Passkey for Parental Controls

1. Begin by double-tapping the Xbox button on the dashboard and pressing Y. This will take you to the "All settings" option. Look for the "gear" shaped icon at the bottom and press A to proceed.

2. The settings menu will open. Now, go to the "Accounts" tab and select "Sign-in, security, and passkey".

3. A new window will appear displaying different options related to your connected email and security. Choose the "Create my passkey" option.

4. Once selected, another window will open where you can set a six-digit passcode. Use the dial to select the desired numbers.

5. After entering the passcode once, you will be prompted to enter it again for confirmation. Repeat the process to allow the system to confirm your passcode.

Once you have successfully entered the passkey, you can use it for parental control options. Additionally, you will need to enter this passkey to view logs and make changes to other administrative settings.

By following these steps, you will be able to set up Xbox One parental controls. You can create your own passkey and add additional accounts. Furthermore, you can filter the type of content your children can access by applying web filters or restrictions through the "access to content" option. Setting strict boundaries and filters ensures that your children do not become addicted to games or come across inappropriate content. Take this important step to become an ideal parent for your kids.

Part 4. Msafely-Your Ultimate Parental Control Solution

Parents consider a monitoring solution to access the content their kids encounter across text messages, social media, email and more. You can set up parental control on your child’s phone and get to know what they do on the phone. Except for tracking phone activities, parents can also protect children with blocking features, such as blocking apps, websites. Now let’s learn more features about Msafely!

Tracking Features of Msafely Parental Control Solution

1. Msafely provides you with the ability to filter for phone and block websites that your kid has access to. 

2. A screen usage of your kid’s phone will be uploaded to your Msafely dashboard. You can then set a limit to restrict their use.

3. As the best iPhone parental control app, Msafely enables you to block specific apps on your kid’s phone.

4. Msafely works secretly in monitoring all the apps installed on your kid’s iPhone.

5. With Msafely, the best iPhone parental control app, you canget an online dashboard through which you remotely monitor all activities on your child’s phone.

6. With Msafely, you canget a real-time GPS location tracking feature to monitor your kid's movement from a Google Map.

Why Should You Choose Msafely?

Msafely comes first when you consider a parental control software. It provides you with perfect user-experience with reasonable price, technical support, timely customer-service and simple operation. We will mainly introduce 3 factors here.

1. Undetectable

Just enter your child’s iCloud credentials and bind the target phone with Msafely, then you can monitor child’s phone remotely without them knowing.

2. Bonus Features

You can use Msafely to track more than 40 types of data, such as text messages, photos, emails, GPS locations, social media apps, browser history, installed apps, ect. That means Msafely can help you keep everything under control.

3. Easy to Use

Msafely is user-friendly without app installation. You only need to get iCloud details of target phone. Jailbreak or root is not required. Even you are not tech-savvy, you can operate Msafely smoothly according to the operation steps.

How to Use Msafely

Step 1. Create an Account

You need to make an account on the Msafely website and click on sign up and provide your email address.

Step 2. Enter iCloud Login Details

Then you have to enter the iCloud details of your target device, such as its apple ID and password.

Step 3. Track the Child's Device

Go to the control panel and click on the item menu to view the activity data on the child’s phone.


Eliminating games completely is not desirable. It is best for parents to help their children build a balance between learning and play. The combination of work and rest is more conducive to children's physical and mental development. Msafely is the best choice for parent monitoring. You can know what your child does with the phone, and once you find any potential risks, such as an inappropriate app or browsing adult websites, you can block these apps or websites with Msafely remotely.

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