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How to Hack Facebook in 2023

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Facebook is a very well-known and popular social media app. People can use Facebook to chat and share life updates, especially minors. If you worry about your kids and want to hack Facebook, you're lucky to be reading this. Because in this post we're going to detail 6 ways to hack someone's Facebook. One of our top recommendations is the Msafely phone tracking app. If you choose Msafely to hack someone's Facebook account, you don't have to install the app on their phone or jailbreak the target phone. Msafely is very simple and easy to use.

hack Facebook

Part 1. How to Hack Facebook with Phone Spy App

Overview of Msafely

Msafely is a great Facebook hacker you deserve. It is user-friendly without jailbreak or root. You only need to take simple three steps for Facebook hacking. All people including the professionals and the commons can use Msafely without any hassle. With strong tracking features, Msafely enables you to spy on someone’s phone activities easily. If you're looking for cost-effective Facebook tracking software, Msafely is your first choice.

Features of Msafely

With Msafely, you can view all of your Facebook chats on your target device. In addition to the details, you can also see the time, contacts, group information and so on. You can see these details directly on the Msafely panel, which is very handy.

Msafely also allows you to track all files shared via Facebook, such as videos, pictures, documents. If you need, you can also download these media files from dashboard.

In addition to the chat history, you can also see other activity content of the target Facebook account, such as friends, posts, likes, comments, settings, Facebook groups and more.

Msafely enables you to check all messages on all social media app, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, Instagram, Viber, Tinder.

Msafely also comes with keylogger feature. It can track all keystrokes the target person typed on the phone and record all emails address, password and other essential digital words.

Msafely has high data security. No one but you has access to the target device's data. We also do not disclose data to third party platforms or other individuals. Even a Msafely employee doesn't have the right to look at that data.

In the whole process of monitoring the Facebook account of the target device, there will be no abnormality on the target device, nor any logo of app, so the monitored person will not be aware that you are monitoring his Facebook account remotely. You don't have to worry about being spotted or caught. Because Msafely is completely in stealth mode.

Compared with other common cell phone trackers, Msafely doesn’t need to jailbreak the target phone, which makes the whole operation easier. You will not worry that a jailbreak might damage the target device, or that you can't do it alone because you don't know the technology.

Msafely is online cell phone tracker. You don’t need to download app or install app on the target device. All you need is to get iCloud credentials for target phone. Once you finish setup, you don’t need target device anymore.

If you have any problem using Msafely, you can always call us in time, either by email or by sending a message to the online customer service at the bottom right of the site.

How to Hack a Facebook Account

Follow the steps to hack a Facebook account with Msafely.

Step 1. Register A Free Account

You can visit msafely.com and click on the button Sign Up Free to create a free account. It is important to note that the mailbox you register for must be valid.

Step 2. Bind Target Phone with Msafely

Then, choose suitable subscription plan. To bind the target phone with Msafely, you need to enter Apple ID and password for the target phone in the required field.

Step 3. Start Hacking Facebook

Once you finish the above setup, you can login to your Msafely account with any effective browser. You can view all Facebook data with details, such as posts, videos, images, messages,comments. You can also view other phone activities on the dashboard, such as GPS locations, browser history, installed apps, ect.

Advantages of Facebook Spy Apps

Msafely run entirely in stealth mode. The other person has no idea you're remotely monitoring his phone. Because there won't be any Msafely messages on his phone. The whole monitoring process is very safe. You can't be detected.

Msafely comes with user-friendly dashboard. You can view all phone activities on the dashboard. What’s more, you also don’t need to install app on the target phone. It is not required to jailbreak the target device.

Msafely has strong tracking features. You can use Msafely to track text messages, photos, videos, emails, social media apps, installed apps, ect. With Msafely, you can be clear what the target person has done with the phone.

Msafely provides three plans for users, 1-month plan, 3-month plan and 12-month plan. The plan is default auto-subscription for ensuring a continuous and long monitoring. After you finish the setup, you don't need target phone anymore. That means you can keep tracking someone’s phone anywhere and anytime.

Part 2. How to Hack Facebook Account Using Keylogger

Keylogger is another effective method to hack Facebook account. The Keylogger records the text input by the target user on device. These texts contain important information, such as user names, passwords, email addresses and so on. You can try this information to log into someone's Facebook and hack into a Facebook. If you want to get this important data, you need to install kelogger on the target device.


Things you need to do with Keylogger:

1. Choose a suitable keylogger software online according to your budget and needs.

2. Get the target device. You need to install the keylogger software on the target device.

3. Follow these steps to install the kelogger software on the target device.

4. After the installation, activate the keylogger software.

5. Once the software is activated, log into dashboard and view the important credentials the software has obtained from the target device. Find the user name and password of the Facebook account, you can log in to the other person's Facebook account, and then start looking at the Facebook data.


  • This method is completely free.
  • The operation steps are very simple.


  • The free software you download may carry a virus that threatens the security of your phone and your target device.

Part 3. How to Hack Facebook Account Manually

Don’t want to download any third-party app on the target device? You can try to hack into a Facebook account manually. With this method, you don't have to worry about the virus that the software can damage your phone or target device

Hack Facebook Account Manually

Things you need to hack Facebook account manually:

1. Get the target phone and launch Facebook APP, click on “Forgot Password”. Because you want to change the password.

2. You need to reset the password. If you don’t know the previous email, you can choose “No longer have access to these?”. And you need to enter another email.

3. Of courser Facebook will ask you some recovery questions to make sure that you are legitimate owner of the Facebook account. If you know the monitored person very well, you can finish this step very easily.

4. You can also choose 3 friends to help you if you answer the question incorrectly. So you need to create three fake Facebook accounts. Facebook invites friends from a third party to answer restoration questions, not you.

5. When you have successfully completed the above steps, you will receive a link in your email to reset your password. Once you've reset your password, you can log in to your Facebook account with your new password and see all your messages.


  • You don't need to download or install apps from third party platforms, which reduces the risk of viruses.


  • You'll need to reset password of target Facebook, which can be a bit messy and difficult. You may fail.

Part 4. How to Hack Into Someone’s Facebook Account with Password Cracking Techniques

If you want to hack someone's Facebook, you can also try the following method.


If you know someone well, try entering important information like birthday, wedding anniversary, name, hobbies, dog's name, etc. If the password is correct, you can hack into Facebook account.

Dictionary Attack

Most dictionaries are made up of cryptographic texts obtained in previous hacks. Most people tend to use words that are easier to remember.

Social Engineering

This one requires you to pretend to be providing customer support and ask for an account password. If you can get someone to trust you into thinking you work for Facebook, you can get the password and hack into the account.


This method requires you to direct the person to click on a link you sent or to download a specific file. Once they comply with your request, ask if the file is automatically installed on the target device. These files can then hack into the other person's Facebook account, ensuring that you have access to Facebook data.

View Account Details

You can get close enough to the target device to remember the password and account when they log in to their Facebook account. You can then log into the person's Facebook account and view the data you need.

Part 5. Facebook Hacks with Local Hackers

You can also hire local hackers to help you break into Facebook. But you can't guarantee that the hackers you hire will be very professional. There are a lot of hackers who claim to be good when they're not. So it's possible that you paid a lot of money, but the hacker didn't get the data you wanted.

hack facebook with local hackers


  • A professional hacker can really help you get your hands on the data without being discovered.


  • The price is very high.
  • The hacker doesn't get 100% of the data.

Part 6. How to Hack Facebook Account Via Cookies

Cookies store sensitive device-related data, such as browsing history. If you use the same Wi-Fi as the target device, you can hack and use them.

You can also copy cookies to trick Facebook into thinking that the browser you're using is, and already is, legitimate. That way, Facebook will let you log into the account and access it.


  • You don't need to install software from a third party platform.
  • You won't get caught, because you already have Facebook's trust.


  • This approach requires technical support and is not that easy.

Part 7. What Should You Do If Your Facebook Account Was Hacked

If you find that someone has logged into your Facebook account, chances are it has been compromised, you need to take immediate action.

1. Change Password

Changing your password is the first thing you should do. Or maybe your old passwords were too simple or common, giving hackers the opportunity to take advantage. So when you find your Facebook account has been logged in by someone else, you have to change it to a more complicated password. Ordinary hackers or software can't easily crack your login password.

2. Report to Facebook That Your Account Has Been Hacked

You can immediately email Facebook Services to tell them that your account has been compromised and that you have lost access. Facebook will then ask you to provide some proof that you are the rightful owner of the account and restore your access.

3. Uninstall Suspicious Apps

You can check your phone or computer for suspicious hidden apps. If you find any unfamiliar apps, chances are someone installed a monitoring device when you're not looking. Then you need to delete these apps immediately.

4. Control Damage

If you find that your Facebook account has been compromised, you should contact your family and friends as soon as possible to let them know that your Facebook account has been compromised. It is possible that the hacker may pretend to be you and send messages to others on Facebook. This will minimize the risk.

Part 8. How to Protect Your Facebook Account

In order to protect your Facebook from being easily hacked, you need to set up a special and difficult password. Of course, you should remember the password yourself. You should also be aware of the techniques used by hackers. Don't click on links or documents sent to you. Do not download or install software on other platforms that you are not familiar with. There is a good chance that viruses will invade your account.


After reading this article, do you know how to hack into Facebook? In this article, we detail the ways to hack Facebook, and one of our top recommendations is Msafely. With no jailbreaking, and no app installation required, you can easily hack into Facebook remotely and go undetected. Now hurry up and try it!


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