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How to track someone's iPhone pictures without access to it

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Tracking someone’s iPhone pictures can be tricky, but with the right tools by your side, you can easily find your way into someone’s iPhone pictures, and that too remotely. But how? Would it require an extremely hard drill into lengthy guides? Would it require huge bucks of dollars? No. There are simpler ways to do when it comes to tracking someone’s iPhone pictures remotely, and in this article, you and I will be going aboard a fun train where you’ll discover how you can track someone’s iPhone pictures remotely and easily.

Part 1. Reasons for remotely tracking iPhone pictures

While some people may think it is unethical to track someone’s iPhone pictures, there are several reasons why tracking into someone’s iPhone pictures becomes a necessity. We see you people, and we’re here to help you.

  • Worried Parents

Parents are often known as the worriers of their children, because let’s face it, it is their job to make sure that their child is living a happy, healthy life. But soon those pretty teenage years kick in, they get more closed off than ever before. In this situation, parents get compelled to check the activities of their children by tracking into their phones, and that is the one thing that lets the parents know exactly what’s going on in their child’s life: Pictures!

  • Employers keeping an eye on their employees

Another set of people who want to track someone’s iPhone pictures remotely are the employers of the company who want to know what their employees have been saying about them or the entire organization. It’s better to be prepared than to face unwanted backlash from the employees who just want to tarnish the name of the organization. It’s only the safest choice, right?

Part 2. How to track someone's iPhone pictures remotely

Now, for the fun part, you’ll know how you can get your hands on someone’s iPhone pictures remotely. For our iPhone lovers, there are two ways through which they can track into someone’s iPhone pictures remotely. Let’s see how both of these methods can help our parents and employers.

Method 1: Using iCloud Photo Library to track iPhone photos for free

Using iCloud Photo Library is one of the surest ways through which you can track into someone’s iPhone pictures for free. With the help of this method, you can sync someone’s iPhone pictures across various devices, which include MacBooks, iPads, and especially iPhones. Once you gain someone’s credentials for an iCloud account, you will enter into a whole new world of pictures and photos. Let’s see how you can use this method to your advantage.

How can you use this method?

Step 1: Enable and sync the iPhone pictures to iCloud

In the first step, you need to make sure that the target phone is synced to iCloud, specifically photos. You can do this by tapping into the Settings of your iPhone and selecting the Apple ID of the user. Once you’re in the Apple ID, go to iCloud> Photos, and then tap on iCloud Photo Library.

Step 2: Start tracking remotely!

Once the target iPhone starts syncing the photos, you can open up a web browser, add the credentials of the iCloud account, and then tap on Photos. From there, you can’t only download the synced photos but also view them as much as you like.



    It’s a free method and can help you track into someone’s pictures remotely.


    You can get access to all the pictures and photos.



    You will need to know the credentials of the target iPhone’s iCloud account.

Method 2. Using Msafely to track iPhone pictures remotely

One of the most secure and effective methods for accessing iPhone pictures is through a trustworthy monitoring app-Msafely emerges as a standout option, known for its reliability and user-friendly interface. With Msafely, you can remotely track, monitor, and access someone's iPhone pictures without them knowing.

In addition to photos, it also enables you to access various features, including SMS monitoring, GPS tracking, and the capability to view WhatsApp, Snapchat and many social media.

What data Msafely can track:

General features:

Social Networks:

How to use Msafely to track someone's iPhone pictures-Step by step guide

Simply follow the steps below, and you'll effortlessly be able to remotely access someone's iPhone pictures. Alright, let's go through these steps!

Step 1. Click on "Sign Up Free".

Step 2. Create an account.

Step 3. Choose the device you want to monitor—select "Android" for an Android phone and "iPhone" for monitoring an iPhone.

Step 4. Connect your target phone.

Step 5. Start tracking.

Step 6. Track the target device.

Now, in Msafely's dashboard, you can spy on the target phone effortlessly. Monitor various data like photos, call logs, GPS location, WhatsApp,, and more.

  • pictures.
  • Call logs.
  • GPS location.
  • WhatsApp.



    No need to install any app on the target phone.


    In some cases, users can spy on someone's iPhones without physical access to it.


    Supports all iPhone device.


    Easy to use. Complete the connection in 2 minutes.


    SMS, Contacts, GPS location, WhatsApp, etc, up to more than 30 kinds of data can be tracked in real-time.


    No need to jailbreaking or rooting.



    Currently, it only supports using iCloud to connect the target iPhone.

If you are interested in how to track an iPhone without password, you can click here.

Part 3. Signs your iPhone is tracked

There are chances that your iPhone may get tracked. So, whenever your iPhone tells you these things, make sure you listen to it.

  • Your iPhone is constantly on low battery and is extremely hot at all times.
  • You have been receiving unfamiliar texts or calls.
  • Despite a fast internet connection, your iPhone is taking too long to browse or connect to certain apps.
  • Your contacts tell you that they have been getting weird messages from you.
  • Finding that your phone is showing up with pages that you didn't download from the app store, or seeing some strange pages pop up in your safari.

Part 4. Ways to protect yourself from an iPhone track

Getting your phone tracked is worrisome, however, there are certain measures you can take to keep yourself safe.

  • Install the latest versions of the apps and iOS as soon as possible or whenever you get a notification.
  • To protect your Apple and iCloud account from unauthorized access, make sure your two-factor authentication is turned on.
  • Whenever you’re using public Wi-Fi, make sure that your VPN is connected.
  • For your Apple ID, make sure you choose a strong and secure password, which contains small and capital letters, special characters, and numbers.
  • Whenever you’re not using your Bluetooth, make sure you turn it off, leaving no traces behind about the previous devices you’ve connected to your iPhone.
  • Set up a strong passcode for your phone. So, whenever someone tries to access it, they’ll need your passcode.
  • Last but not least, make sure your “Find My iPhone” is on, which helps you locate your phone when you lose it.

Part 5. What to do when your iPhone has been tracked

Even after taking every drastic measure your iPhone still gets tracked, here’s what you can do.

  • If a sketchy Wi-Fi is responsible for your iPhone getting tracked, then disconnect the Wi-Fi and tap on “Forget this Network”.
  • If a sketchy URL is responsible for your iPhone getting tracked, it is better to remove everything you downloaded from going to that web address.
  • If a sketchy app is responsible for your iPhone getting tracked, uninstall that app immediately.

However, if the issue still persists, and your Apple ID or iCloud account has been compromised, visit the Apple store for professional help.

Part 6. FAQs

How to track someone’s pictures remotely?

For our iPhone users, there are two ways through which you can track into someone’s phone remotely. The first is a traditional method using iCloud and the second one is through software.

Can you track someone’s pictures without them knowing?

Yes, you can track someone’s pictures without them knowing by using Msafely. This software helps you gain access to someone’s iPhone pictures in just a few easy steps.

Can you track someone’s iPhone pictures without having access to their iPhones?

Yes, you can track someone’s iPhone pictures without having access with the help of Msafely. With just a few simple steps, you can track into someone’s pictures without having access.

Why should you track someone’s iPhone pictures remotely?

Tracking someone’s iPhone pictures is the responsible way of keeping an eye on the online activity of an individual. Parents can track into their children’s iPhone pictures to make sure their children are safe. Employers can track into their employees’ iPhone pictures to figure out whether they have been bad-mouthing their organization or not.

Is it legal to track into someone’s iPhone pictures?

The legality of tracking into someone’s iPhone pictures generally depends on local laws.

Part 7. Conclusion

A fun train ride, indeed! By now, you will know everything you need to know about tracking into someone’s iPhone pictures remotely, and the surest way of doing that is by using Msafely. With this software, you can into someone’s iPhone pictures without having access to their iPhones and without them knowing. But stay vigilant because malicious attackers are always ready to pounce on you when you least expect it in the form of tracking your iPhone. So, keep yourself and others around you safe!

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