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How to Hack Someones Instagram

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Are you searching for effective methods to hack someones Instagram? We will introduce top 5 effective methods to hack Instagram accounts to view photos, videos, text messages. If you are interested, you can go ahead for more details about Instagram hack.

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Part 1. 5 Weakness of Instagram You Need to Know

Instagram is a free and popular photo-sharing social media platform. You can use Instagram to share photos and videos with your friends and family members. As the number of Instagram users grows, so does the need to hack into Instagram. Before you hack Instagram, you need to know its vulnerabilities so you can better protect your Instagram account from being easily hacked.

1. Weak Passwords

If you use a very simple or regular password, hackers can easily crack it and break into your Instagram account. It's best not to use very simple passwords, such as your cell phone number, your pet's name, your nickname or your partner's name. You can set a very strong password.

How to Protect Against Weak Passwords?

You'd better choose a strong password that includes numbers, upper and lower case letters, special characters, etc. Also, make sure that the password for your Instagram account is unique and not the same as your other passwords, so that your Instagram account password can't be easily cracked by hackers.

2. Remote Keyloggers

Once a keylogger is installed, anything that is typed (password, login credentials, bank information, etc.) will be recorded and can be viewed by the hacker. Many hackers prefer to use this secret method to hack someone’s Instagram account.

How to Protect Against Remote Keyloggers?

You can install anti-monitoring software on your mobile phone to help you detect or disable the operation of monitoring software, especially keylogger-based software. You should not click on the link in the email because it is probably attached to the keylogger.

3. Phishing Emails

Phishing emails are a common tactic used by hackers. They'll send you an email pretending to be an Instagram employee asking you to reset your password or fill in some personal information, and once you click on the link or fill in some personal information as requested, they'll quickly crack your Instagram account.

How to Protect Against Phishing Attacks?

You need to understand some of the features of phishing emails. When you receive an email you can quickly identify if it is a phishing email. Don't click near or on links to any email you find suspicious. Don't fill in personal information easily, and be wary of the content of the email.

4. Zero-Day Vulnerability

A zero-day vulnerability is a "software security weakness known to the program vendor but has not been patched" and may be exploited by hackers.  If a hacker finds a zero-day vulnerability on Instagram, there could be some serious security risks for Instagram users and their accounts. Since it is an undiscovered vulnerability that has not been publicly announced yet, this gives the hackers an advantage.

How to Protect against a Zero Day Vulnerability?

While you can't completely prevent Zero Day Vulnerability, there are steps you can take ahead of time to reduce the risk of your Instagram account being hacked. For example, make sure you have the latest version of Instagram and turn on two-step verification.

5. Mobile Operating System Vulnerabilities

There are flaws in the operating system's code or design that hackers may exploit to get access to user data. Thus individuals may be hacked on Instagram by exploiting smartphone operating system problems.

How to Protect against Operating System Vulnerabilities

Always upgrade your operating system to the latest version. Don’t install app from unknown sources and only from trusted sources on the app store.

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Part 2. 5 Best Hacking Tools: How to Hack Someones Instagram

Here we provide you with the top 5 hacking tools to hack someone's Instagram remotely.

Method 1. Msafely

Msafely is your best choice to hack someone’s Instagram without the owner knowing.

1. Features of Msafely

With Msafely, you can access to all messages sent and received on Instagram. You can view message with details as timestamp, message content, the contacts. And you can view all these data from your Msafely dashboard.

Msafely enables you to view all media files shared via Instagram, such as movies and images. You can also download these files from your dashboard.

With Msafely, you can control all activities on the target’s Instagram, such as friends. Posts, likes, comments, settings and Instagram groups. You can track all these activities in real-time.

As versatile phone tracking app, Msafely can also track all messages sent and received via social media apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Tinder, Snapchat, etc.

Msafely has keylogger feature which can record every keystroke types by the target user. You can view all passwords, emails, username, account credentials on the dashboard.

Msafely pays attention to the data security. You don’t worry about your privacy. Because except you, no one has the right to view target data. And Msafely will not leak the data to other platforms or people.

Msafely can hack someones Instagram in stealth mode so that the monitored person will not recognize you are spying on his phone remotely. No need to install app on the target phone. The owner of target device will not see any app icon. And you will not be caught.

Unlike common phone trackers, Msafely doesn’t need to jailbreak or root the target phone. And you don’t worry about damaging the target phone.

2. How to Hack Someone’s Instagram with Msafely

You only need to take three simple steps to hack an Instagram account with Msafely.

Step 1. Sign up Free

Visit msafely.com and click on “Sign up Free” to create a free account with a valid email. Remember to accept the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy at the same time.

Step 2. Add iCloud Details

Purchase a subscription that matches your criteria before binding Msafely with the target device. Then you need to enter the Apple ID and password for the target phone in the required field.

Step 3. Start Hacking Instagram Remotely

Log onto your Spylix account and navigate to the Control Panel to begin monitoring your child's Instagram online activity.

You may monitor your child's calls, websites, and social networking apps by inputting the target device's specifications (make, model, and phone number).

Method 2. mSpy

mSpy is a great choice for parents to monitor their children. It is compatible with iPhone and Android phones. For iPhone monitoring, you don’t need to install the app on the target phone, iCloud credentials are enough. But for some Android phones, you need to finish rooting the target phone first.

mSpy can only track limited social media apps while Msafely can track main messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, Viber, Kik, etc.


Method 3. CocoSpy

CocoSpy is another effective phone tracker. It can help you track someone’s Instagram remotely. The key point is that you don’t need to jailbreak or root the device for hacking someone’s Instagram. Except for hacking Instagram, you can also use CocoSpy to view photos, and social media app activity, and track GPS locations in real-time.

CocoSpy can’t provide as many tracking features as Msafely. If you want to get an all-in-one phone tracker, never hesitate to choose Msafely.


Method 4. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy can also help you hack into someone’s Instagram account with keylogger. But keylogger it is only available for iOS devices. As a professional phone tracker, FlexiSpy can be used for parental control, employee surveillance and cheater check.


Method 5. XNSPY

Now, it is not difficult for parents to keep an eye on their children’s phones when they can’t accompany children. Because phone monitoring app like XNSPY can help them a lot. XNSPY is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The software enables parents to monitor their child's device's precise position. XNSPY allows users to access their texts, calls, and social media histories.


Part 3. 5 Other Phone Hackers for Hacking Instagram

These five mobile tracking apps are perfect for hacking into Instagram and other mobile activities. If you want to know more about phone monitoring, you can also continue to read the article. We'll show you five other ways to do this.

1. MyGet

MyGet is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. On Android, you need to install app on the target phone. On iOS device, you need to get the iCloud credentials for the target phone. You don’t need to root or jailbreak your target device. It is also an effective tool to track target’s Instagram activity.


2. iGHack

iGHack can be used to track the password for your target Instagram account. You don’t need to install an app on the target device. It is invisible and the owner of Instagram will not detect that you are capturing his account password remotely. And you will not be caught.


3. InstaRipper

InstaRipper is a completely free method. It can help you retrieve the password and spy around in the account. InstaRipper has high compatibility. It works well on both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. You can take note of the password and use it to unlock the target’s or victim’s account.

4. InstaPwn

InstaPwn is also a great spyware available on the market. To use InstaPwn, you need to physically get the target phone first. Because you need to download and install InstaPwn on the target phone. Once you finish the app installation, you can start tracking the target’s Instagram account. But you will be detected or caught by the monitored person easily.

5. Password Reset

If you can physically access the target’s device, you can reset the password. Both iPhone and Android users have the option of storing account passwords on their phones to avoid entering them in each time they want to check in anywhere. You can take advantage of the vulnerabilities.

Part 4. What Hackers Can Do with A Hacked Instagram Account

Once a hacker hacks into your Instagram account, what data can he get? This could be more serious than you think. You need to know what you can lose from an Instagram account hack.

1. Scam your followers

2. Steal sales revenue

3. Steal sales revenue

4. Demand ransom

5. Make illegal requests

6. Sell your account on the black market

Part 5. What Are the Reasons to Hack Instagram Accounts

1. Protect Your Children

You want to know if your child is posting inappropriate photos or videos on Instagram. If you find them too revealing, you can stop them. To prevent them from being targeted by predators or scammers.

2. Catch Cheaters

If you suspect your partner is looking for a new love interest on Instagram, you can hack into his Instagram for evidence. Msafely can help you check all of his Instagram activities without getting caught.

3. Monitor Employees

To make sure that people work efficiently and honestly, employers may utilize a tool to monitor their employees’ social apps like Instagram, especially for social media specialists.

4. Recover an Account

It could be that a close friend or family member has passed away, but you want to see their old Instagram account, so you need to hack into the Instagram account with a mobile tracking app to see past activity.

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Part 6. How to Protect Your Instagram from Being Hacked?

After you understand the possible loss of hacking into your Instagram, you need to know how to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked.

1. Create a Strong Password

You need to create a complex and strong password so that the hacker will not hack into your Instagram easily.

2. Enable Two Factor Authentication

You’d better turn on two-factor authentication in your Instagram settings to secure your account. You can choose text message codes or third-party authentication app as you need.

3. Remember to Log out

Remember to log out of Instagram when you use a computer or phone you share with other people.

4. Keep Personal Information Private

Never share your password with others you don’t know and trust. Don’t share your private information in public places.

5. Don’t Install Unknown Apps

Unknown apps have high risk. Don’t install unknown apps on your phone and keep regular check for unknown apps on your phone.

Part 7. Conclusion

We talked carefully about Instagram hack, how to hack someones Instagram, why you want to hack someone else's Instagram, and how to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked. You can always find a method or suggestion that works for you. If you want to hack someone's Instagram without getting caught, then we suggest you opt for Msafely. Besides tracking Instagram, you can also use Msafely to track another social media app like WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

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