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How to Monitor Employees Computer Activity

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Many decades ago, the phrase "Sincerity gives the meaning of employee" was commonly used. Ever wondered why such phrases were coined? The elite business owners have numerous employees, but their reliability is crucial. Keeping an eye on employee performance has become a common practice today, carried out by many esteemed firms. At present, there are numerous tools available to monitor their actions. By employing these monitoring devices, you can track the time invested in a project, access forbidden websites, and so on. So, follow up on the article and know how to monitor employees' computer activity.

Part 1. Employee Monitoring Software

This is a rule-employee should not use their phone while working in the office. So, mostly the employee will do all activities through PC. If you trace the employee's PC actions-you will know his actual contribution to the company.

All these monitoring software are designed for the purpose of PC specifically. The employee database can be recorded with primary sources through monitoring software.

Part 2. Msafely - The Best Employee Monitoring Tool for Android and iPhone

Msafely–the best tracking software is designed for companies and home-based computers. Using the Msafely as the monitoring software you can get the entire details of the target user. You will get notifications in an up-to-date manner and you can track the SMS, call logs, contacts, photos, videos, browser history, Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp Messenger. Finally, if you were thinking about how to monitor employees' activity on mobile from remote mode, then try the Msafely for best results.

Features of Msafely Employee Monitoring

  • You can monitor the SMS, call history, browser history, photos, contacts, video folders etc.
  • You can take screenshots of monitored activities to catch the black sheep who cheats you.
  • You can track activities without knowing them.
  • It has flexible compatible mode devices such as LG, Android, iPhone, Lenovo, Google nexus, HTC, Sony, Huawei and Samsung.

How to Use Msafely in Simple 3 Steps

Step 1. Sign up Free

Visit msafely.com and click on “Sign Up Free” to create a free account with a valid email.

Step 2. Add iCloud credentials

Choose a suitable subscription plan. Enter the Apple ID and password for the target phone in the required field.

Step 3. Start Remote Monitoring

Once you connect the target phone with Msafely successfully, you can log in to your dashboard and start tracking without anyone knowing.

Let's explore 10 monitoring software to find out how to monitor employee's computer activities.

Part 3. 10 Best Tracking Software to Monitor Employees' Computer Activity

In this article, we will list the 10 tracking software so that you can monitor employees' computer activity easily.

1. SurveilStar Employee Monitoring

SurveilStar is among the most recognized monitoring software. It's ethically developed to monitor screens in various configurations like 2*2, 3*3, and 4*4. It's legally designed and efficiently tracks documents and multiple folders.

  • It allows for the simultaneous tracking of 16 screens, offering a higher capacity than other software.
  • It includes a screenshot recorder, with the option to adjust the frequency to your preference.The default mode is 15 seconds.

What employee activity can be monitored?

  • It works manually using the Microsoft SQL database as a tool to monitor the Computer, browsing history, network access, email activity, database, etc.
  • This software employs an agent to gather comprehensive data on employee actions and instructs the rule to set it up. It continues to function even when the employee turns off, reboots, locks, logs out, or shuts down.

Price: 69.95 USD for one license.

2. Sentry PC Employee Activity Monitoring

Sentry PC is essentially a cloud-based application that screens and tracks the tasks and timetables given by the worker. It allows you to capture screenshots, inactive pages, print files, attendance, and more.

  • It aids in blocking undesirable websites and functions as real-time monitoring software.
  • The material is sifted through and it significantly influences the monitoring approach.
  • What employee activity can be monitored?
  • It monitors the apps and websites and it gives a deep analysis of employee activity. The reports of productivity and payroll tracker are available.
  • The screenshot works on time-based sequence. You can monitor documents, email, print monitoring, social media, etc.

Price: $59.90 per year.

3. Toggl Monitoring for Employee

Toggl is cloud-based monitoring software and it is intuitive at work. This is straightforward in monitoring the projects and tasks you scheduled for the employee. You have 24*7 customer support and it works on time to track employee work.

  • It will give a notification if the employee uses an unapproved website.
  • It will give a notification if the employee uses an unapproved website.
  • What employee activity can be monitored?
  • It collects the data of documents, print monitoring, retrieval data, attendance monitoring, storage monitoring, etc.
  • It works on the server agent and gives the alert if the employee logs in to the restricted data.

Price: $8 per month

4. Yaware. Time tracker

Yaware.Time tracker is cloud-based software and it automatically tracks the employee details. It gives support throughout the working hours and it evaluates the performance and productivity of employees.

  • It gives a detailed report on the time allotted for the task.
  • It blocks the website and emerges the screenshot if required.
  • What employee activity can be monitored?
  • It monitors the real-time track, screenshot, attendance, apps and website login, production report, and database of employees.
  • It works under the agent and maintains the worksheet.

Price: $ 8 per month.

5. Veriato 360 PC Monitoring for Employee

This software is designed on the concept of security and surveillance. You can monitor the employee details remotely to know how to monitor the employee’s computer activity.

  • It gives multiple reports on time consumption.
  • It records the employee activity in video format.
  • What employee activity can be monitored?
  • It monitors the reports such as screenshots, attendance, blocking website, real-time sequence, employee database, and production reports.
  • The server has a secret agent and compares the toll number easily.

Price: You have to give a quote at https://www.veriato.com/products/veriato-360/quote

6. Workplus Employee PC Monitoring

The Workplus software supports cloud-based software and the trial version is applicable for 14 days. The employee doesn’t know the traces of Workplus software once it starts tracking.

  • It is automated tracking software on a time base and gives guidance to know how to monitor employees’ computer activity.
  • You can export the complete track of productivity.
  • What employee activity can be monitored?
  • It monitors the documents, real-time, screenshots, attendance, and payroll tracker.
  • It works on productivity reports, apps and website configurations, employee database, user login, project tasks, etc.

Price: $6 per month.

7. Teramind Employee Monitoring

This is also the cloud-based software designed for organizational requirements. Using this software you can track the malicious entry of the website, detection of threads, warnings, alerts, etc.

  • You can write your own rules and get alert of employer activity.
  • You can record in video format and play whenever possible.
  • What employee activity can be monitored?
  • It works on real-time monitoring, attendance, payroll tracker, screenshot, and employee database.
  • The agents are used to monitor the control functions and gives update frequently.

Price: $ 50 for 5 users.

8. Hipchat Monitoring for PC

Hipchat is widely complemented with a workzone-style platform. It has one-to-one chatting options and works according to the time complement. It works automatically and updates frequently. The updates will be configured until you stop the update in an automatic manner.

  • If the employer misses the meeting he doesn't want to interrupt the activities instead they can see the session later on.
  • Employee efficiency
  • Data leak prevention
  • What employee activity can be monitored?
  • It monitors real-time, attendance, productivity report, website blocking, user log in and screenshots, etc.
  • It works on the higher efficiency of agent supervision of the server.

Price: For 10 users $ 10.

9. WorkiQ Monitoring

WorkiQ is the software that tracks the behavior of the employee on time-based projects. The dashboard is clear in usage and no interruptions occur. The trademarks such as connectiq, autoiq, and web connect are registered under the WorkiQ. Those trademarks are authorized by OpenConnect.

  • It has remote access options and you can choose the performance-based employee.
  • It gives an alert if the employee chooses any illegal activity.
  • What employee activity can be monitored?
  • It monitors the payroll tracker, attendance, screenshots, and productivity report. It doesn’t have any other features apart from user login.
  • It works on the new input and output frequency of server information and maintenance.

Price: $ 8 per month.

10. DeskTime Computer Monitoring

This software is designed to get the daily activities of employees such as overtime work, vacations, sick leaves, etc. You can export the CSV file to your mail address directly.

  • It gives the billing report, and standard security via email, chatting etc.
  • You can take screenshots and rate reports of active tracking.
  • What employees activity can be monitored?
  • It monitors the real-time monitoring, screenshot, user login, payroll tracker, productivity reports, employee database etc.
  • The work is processed with the frequent input strategy of the agent server.

Price: $18 per month.

Click here to know how to monitor employees phone activities.

Part 4. Conclusion

Folks! We have listed 10 employee monitoring software and we believe now you would know how to monitor employee’s computer activity. Be sincere in your work!

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