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Hoverwatch Reviews: Is It Really Free? Does It really Work?

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Is Hoverwatch a totally free mobile tracker? How does Hoverwatch work? Can Hoverwatch really help me to spy on someone's phone with them knowing?

Are you wondering if the questions above are bothering you? If you have doubts about the spy software Hoverwatch, then this review of Hoverwatch is just what you need.

Over the past few days, I've been testing Hoverwatch, and in this blog post, I'll share my honest review with you!


Our Verdict

Hoverwatch is a spy app offering a 4-day free trial. It can monitor Android, Windows, and MacOS devices, but unfortunately, it doesn't support iPhone monitoring.

If you want to use Hoverwatch to monitor someone's phone, you'll need to physically access the target device to install the software and follow the instructions to gain data permissions. This process took me nearly half an hour, which might be challenging for some users.

Hoverwatch's monitoring features are quite powerful, allowing you to remotely monitor text messages, call logs, location, and some social media apps.


  • Offers a 4-day free trial.
  • Can monitor Android, Windows, and MacOS devices.
  • Can monitor some social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
  • Allows remote monitoring of the target device.
  • Works in hidden mode.


  • Need physical access to the target device.
  • Can't monitor iPhone.
  • The monitoring dashboard is not very clear, with lots of screenshots.
  • No money-back guarantee.
Starting price

Personal:$8.33/month per month (billed annually)

Professional:$16.66/month per month (billed annually)

Business:$41.66/month per month (billed annually)

Free trial
4-day free trial
Standout features
SMS monitoring, location tracking, social media monitoring

Part 1. Deep Dive Review of Hoverwatch Monitoring Features

Based on my test over the past few days, I've discovered that Hoverwatch indeed allows for remote monitoring of Android phones, Windows, and MacOS devices.

Now, let's delve deeper into the real effectiveness of this spyware software!

1.1. How does Hoverwatch work on Android, Windows, and MacOS

Regardless of whether you want to monitor an Android, Windows, or MacOS device, you need to have physical access to the target device and then install the software on it. Once the software is installed, you'll need to follow instructions to grant various data permissions on the target device.

I spent nearly half an hour completing all the installation processes mentioned above. So, if you're planning to secretly install this software on your child's or partner's phone, make sure to allocate enough time for installation!

                        Installing Hoverwatch and Granting Permissions.

For enhanced stealth, once Hoverwatch is successfully installed on the target device, it automatically changes its icon and name.

Hoverwatch transforms into "Wi-Fi". When I opened this "Wi-Fi" app, it indeed displayed nearby Wi-Fi networks, which was quite impressive!

However, if the target deletes this "Wi-Fi" app, you won't be able to remotely monitor the device anymore!

Hoverwatch automatically changes its icon and name into Wi-Fi.

1.2. Specific monitoring features of Hoverwatch for Android, Windows, and MacOS

Hoverwatch can remotely monitor text messages, call logs, calendar, website history, location and so on. The following table lists Hoverwatch's monitoring features in detail.

General featuresSocial media




Website history


SIM card change


Unlock selfie

Hoverwatch monitors some social media apps by taking screenshots.

General features review:

  • SMS

During my tests, Hoverwatch monitored all incoming and outcoming messages on the target device. All details can be seen, such as the name, the number and the message content.

                Hoverwatch text message monitoring feature.


  • Calls

Hoverwatch enables me to filter incoming and outgoing calls. I can see the phone number clearly.

                Hoverwatch calls tracking feature.


  • Locations

Location tracking feature allows me to see the exact location and location history of the device I want to monitor. It works on Android and Windows devices.

                Hoverwatch location tracking feature.


  • Website history

By selecting "Websites" on the main screen, you can see a list of websites the phone owner has visited. If the screenshot feature is enabled, it will automatically add screenshots taken when the phone owner visits websites.

However, Hoverwatch only provides the URLs and titles of websites visited on the target device, along with screenshots sometimes. This means you may have to sift through numerous links to determine if he/she has browsed any inappropriate content.

Hoverwatch website tracking feature.


  • Calendar

I casually made a note in the calendar of my test phone. In the Hoverwatch dashboard, I can clearly see this note.

                Hoverwatch calendar tracking features.


  • SIM card change

If the monitored individual inserts a different SIM card into the phone, Hoverwatch will notify you and even save the phone number of the new SIM card.


  • Keylogger

Through Hoverwatch, you can view every keystroke made by the monitored individual on Mac and Windows, with updates approximately every 2-3 minutes.

However, what disappoints me a bit is that it can't filter keystrokes by application but only shows you a list of all keystrokes it has recorded. This means I have to sift through a lot of clutter to find specific searches and conversations. Additionally, the way it displays keystrokes feels less user-friendly to me.


  • Unlock selfie

This feature primarily refers to Hoverwatch automatically taking a screenshot every time the monitored individual unlocks their phone.

                Unlock selfie.


Social media monitoring feature review:

Hoverwatch can track 10+ social media apps by taking screenshots primarily on Android.

However, if the target device is a Mac or Windows device, you can only monitor their Facebook Messenger and Skype (Windows only) apps.

Facebook Messenger


During testing, Hoverwatch's social media monitoring feature proved to be generally effective.

Its strengths lie in providing real-time screenshots, allowing me to view chat records on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram on the target device.

However, its drawback is the overwhelming number of screenshots visible in the dashboard. It's difficult to discern which screenshots contain the content I want to monitor. I must open each screenshot individually, meaning I have to spend a lot of time searching through all the captured text and images to find what I'm looking for.

Furthermore, it doesn't allow for scrolling through chat content; instead, it captures screenshots periodically. This means that if the conversation is fast-paced, I might miss important parts of the dialogue.

        viber screenshot.

Part 2. Hoverwatch Plans & Pricing

Hoverwatch offers three different purchasing plans: Personal, Professional, and Business. The differences between these plans lie mainly in the number of devices you can monitor, rather than variations in monitoring features.

With the Personal plan, you can only monitor one device. The Professional plan allows monitoring of up to five devices, while the Business plan allows monitoring of up to 25 devices.

Please note that Hoverwatch doesn't provide a money-back guarantee.

Price plans of Hoverwatch.

Part 3. Hoverwatch Installation & Setup

No matter if you want to spy on Android, Windows or MacOS, you need to install the app on the target device.

I will show you the whole installation steps.

If you want to monitor an Android device, please follow the steps:

Step 1. Sign up for a free account.

        Sign up for a free account.

Step 2. Select the "Android" option.

        Select the

Step 3. Get the target device, then follow the instructions to install the software on the target device and grant various data permissions.

        Grant various data permissions.

Step 4. After completing all the above steps, enter the account and password you registered on the homepage, and your connection process will be completed. Next, you just need to wait for all the data in the target device to be uploaded to Hoverwatch's dashboard automatically.

        Hoverwatch's Android dashboard.

If you want to monitor Windows or MacOS, please follow the steps:

Step 1. Sign up for a free account.

        Sign up for a free account.

Step 2. Select the "Windows or MacOS" option.

Select the

Step 3. Install “Hoverwatch” on the target Windows or MacOS according to the guide.

Part 4. Hoverwatch Customer Support & After-Sales Experience

Hoverwatch doesn't offer online customer service; you can only seek help via email. This might not be convenient for some users, as you may have to wait several days before receiving a response.

However, Hoverwatch provides an FAQs page; if you encounter any issues, you might want to check this page first to see if you can find an answer.

        FAQs page of Hoverwatch.

Part 5. What Real Users Say about Hoverwatch

Sure thing! Gathering reviews from different users is indeed an effective way to understand Hoverwatch. However, it's important to approach these reviews with rationality.

Some users might be satisfied with Hoverwatch's features and services, while others might encounter issues or be dissatisfied. By considering these reviews comprehensively, we can gain a more complete understanding of Hoverwatch's strengths and weaknesses, thus making wiser decisions.

I gathered the reviews from Trustpilot.

        Reviews from Trustpilot.

Part 6. Bonus: Hoverwatch vs. Msafely - Which One is Better

If you are looking for an alternative for Hoverwatch, Msafely may be the best option. Msafely can support Android and iOS, with various connection solutions.

The table below makes it easy for you to compare these two spy apps.

CompatibilityAndroid, Windows and MacOSAndroid and iOS


• 1-month plan for $29.95/mo

• 3-month plan for $19.98/mo

• 12-month plan for $8.33/mo


• 1-month plan for $49.95/mo

• 3-month plan for $33.32/mo

• 12-month plan for $16.66/mo


• 1-month plan for $149.95/mo

• 3-month plan for $99.98/mo

• 12-month plan for $41.66/mo

• 1-month plan for $39.99/mo

• 3-month plan for $23.33/mo

• 12-month plan for $8.33/mo

Free demo
Remote control
Connection methodAndroid-APP


Android-Google cloud & APP

General features monitoring (SMS, locations, calls,ect.)
Social media tracking
Customer serviceNo online customer service and the only way to get help is by email24/7 AI customer service and human customer service

Part 7. Summary

The above is a comprehensive review of Hoverwatch. If you're hesitating about whether to purchase Hoverwatch, I believe that after reading this article, you will make a wise decision.

Part 8. FAQs about Hoverwatch

Q1. Is Hoverwatch a free mobile spy app?

Hoverwatch isn't a totally free mobile tracker, but it provides a 4-day free trail.

Q2. Can Hoverwatch spy on an iPhone?

No, Hoverwatch doesn't work on an iPhone, it works on Android, Windows and MacOS.

Q3. Can I hide Hoverwatch on the target device?

Once you've completed all the setup processes on the target device, the Hoverwatch app's logo and name will automatically change to "Wi-Fi," reducing the chances of detection.

If you wish to completely conceal this spy app, it's possible. Some phone models can hide installed software, such as Samsung devices.

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