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Eyezy Review: How Does it Work? Is This Spy App Legit?

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If you have been looking for phone monitoring software to keep an eye on your kids’ activities or ensure your family’s safety, you must have heard of Eyezy.

Eyezy app is one of the most popular and reliable software for monitoring your partner's or children's phone activity. It lets you stay updated about their whereabouts and social media activity for protection.

However, like every application, Eyezy has advantages and disadvantages compared to other spy apps. This article offers a detailed Eyezy review, including Eyezy pros and cons, Eyezy pricing, for individuals who are confused about whether to subscribe to the app.


Our Verdict

Eyezy is an ideal app for parents who want to check their children’s location and monitor their phone's activity. The efficient photo and app monitoring feature makes it a favorite. At the same time, it has some specific features for iPhone and Android users.

Eyezy offers various connection methods, but regardless of which one you choose, you still need to have access to the target device.

The Eyezy platform is overall good with a commendable customer support, but there are numerous other parental control and spy apps with more features.


  • It offers multiple connection methods for iPhone users.
  • It can block Wi-Fi on the target Android phone.
  • The web extension also monitors incognito browser history.
  • Tracking the target phone remotely.
  • Works in hidden mode.


  • You need physical access to the target phone.
  • For Android users, Eyezy requires installing an app.
  • Eyezy does not offer a free trial.
  • The app provides fewer features in the iPhone software.
  • Whether you want to monitor Android or iPhone, the social media monitoring features are limited.
  • They do not usually give refunds.
Starting price

$7.99/month per month (billed annually)

Free trial
No free trial
Standout features
SMS monitoring, call logs tracking

Part 1. Deep Dive Review of Eyezy's Android Monitoring Features

Eyezy spy app is a popular mobile phone monitoring app for families with Android phones. It offers numerous unique features for Android users, including general and social media monitoring features for parents.

1.1. How does Eyezy work on an Android

To link Eyezy with someone’s Android phone, you need access to the target device. You should install the Eyezy app on the target Android device. Then you should follow the instructions to give all required permissions to the applications.

1.2. Specific monitoring features of Eyezy for Android

Eyezy enables you to spy on SMS, Calls, Locations, Contacts secretly by installing an app on the target Android phone.

You can check this table to have a comprehensive understanding of Eyezy's Android monitoring features. Come and see if there are any monitoring features you are interested in!

Connection methodGeneral featuresSocial media






Block Wi-Fi

Block websites

Block apps


Screen recorder


Installed apps

Browser history






General features review:

  • SMS

The text message monitoring feature allows you to read all sms on the target phone. You can check all details, such as the sender's name or phone number and content of each message.

                        Text messages monitored by Eyezy.


  • Calls

This spy app has a feature that helps you monitor the target phone's incoming and outgoing calls and informs you of details like the call time, duration, and date.

                        Call logs monitored by Eyezy.


  • Contacts

You can read the contact list recorded in the Andorid phone.

                        Contacts monitored by Eyezy.


  • Location

Eyezy's location tracker offers real-time updates of your child or partner's phone using GPS and Wi-Fi.

                        Locations monitored by Eyezy.


  • Photos

You can see all photos stored in the target phone.

                        Photos monitored by Eyezy.


  • Block Wi-Fi & Block apps & Block websites

The Eyezy app allows you to block apps, websites, and Wi-Fi. These features are best for parents who want to limit their child's mobile phone usage.

However, in my testing, these features don't work. I tried to block certain websites through Eyezy's dashboard, but unfortunately, the attempts were unsuccessful.

Block websites remotely with Eyezy.

I also attempted to set up the block of a specific app on the target device through the dashboard, but similarly, it was not successful.

                        The feature of blocking apps doesn't work.


  • Email

Eyezy enables you to track all incoming and outgoing Emails with the date and time.

                        Emails monitored by Eyezy.


  • Screen recorder

Screenrecorder is another notable Eyezy feature for Android phones. It allows you to take screenshots of the target phone's activity and send them to your Eyezy account. However the feature is only available in Telegram and WhatsApp.

                        Screen recorder.


  • Keylogger

Keylogger is an Android-specific feature by Eyzey that lets you monitor every keystroke of the target phone's keyboard. Keystroke Capture in the Eyezy spy app updates you accurately through its high-tech keylogger tool.


Other features:

In addition to those mentioned above, the software gives you access to the target phone's emails, browser history, notes, events, Wi-Fi and other installed apps.

Unavailable features:

While the Eyezy Navigation Bar shows many other features like keyword tracking, browser bookmarking, and video, they are not yet available.

Social media monitoring feature review:

The Social Spotlight feature in Eyezy lets you monitor the target device’s social media chats and messages in apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. However, you cannot view the media (images and videos) on Eyezy WhatsApp, Insta, and Snapchat,.

At the same time, you may not be able to monitor social applications like Messenger, Facebook, Viber, LINE, Telegram, Skype, TikTok, Kik, Tinder, and Hangouts.

Tracking social media apps remotely with Eyezy.

Part 2. Deep Dive Review of Eyezy's iPhone Monitoring Features

Eyezy supports iPhone monitoring, but does not offer some features for the iPhone compared to the Android version.

If you're interested in Eyezy's iPhone monitoring features, read on!

2.1. How does Eyezy work on an iPhone

Eyezy offers three monitoring connection solutions for iPhone users: via iCloud credentials, USB, or by jailbreaking the iPhone.

You choose different connection methods, and the requirements for connection as well as the data that can be monitored on the phone vary!

                iPhone connection methods.
Connection solutionsStepsImplementation conditions

Step 1. Enter iCloud account and password of the iPhone you want to monitor.

Step 2. A verification code will be sent to the target iPhone.

Step 3. Enter the verification code in Eyezy's dashboard.

You need to know the iCloud account and password of the target iPhone.

You need to get physical access to the target iPhone to view the two-step verification code.


Step 1. Connecting the target iPhone with a PC via USB.

Step 2. Backing up data.

You need to get physical access to the target iPhone.

You must reconnect the computer every time you want to fetch data.


Step 1. Jailbreaking the target iPhone.

Step 2. Installing Eyezy on the target device.

You need to have a certain level of computer expertise.

The process is very complex.

There are significant limitations and it can be highly damaging to the phone.

You need physical access to the target device.

You can choose any of the above connection methods. Personally, I believe the best option is iCloud, followed by USB, with the jailbreak solution being the least recommended. Next, I will introduce what data each method can help you monitor.

2.2. Specific monitoring features of Eyezy for iPhone

The following are the phone activities that can be monitored by each connection method:

Connection solutionsGeneral featuresSocial media






Locations (not properly functional)

Emails (limited to iCloud emails)

Tasks (not available now)

Contacts (not available now)

Can't monitor social media.

Installed apps

Text messages


Phone calls

Wi-Fi network



Browser History

Browser Bookmark

LINE/WhatsApp(photo/video messages is not supported)

Installed apps

Wi-Fi network




Photos/ Videos


Browser history


Can't monitor social media.

General features review:

  • Email

Eyezy platform lets you track the emails on the target iPhone, but this feature is limited to iCloud emails only.

The email monitoring feature isn't work.


  • Location

You can track your family's location through Eyezy. However, I couldn't set up family locations even after following the tutorial. So, the feature may not be functioning properly.

The location tracking feature isn't work.


  • Text messages

You can see all the messages saved in the target iPhone. However, the SMS monitoring feature is only available for USB connection solutions.

Sms monitored with Eyezy.

Social media monitoring feature review:

You can view the social media activity on the target iPhone with the USB connection methods, including WhatsApp and LINE.

However, sadly, you cannot view the images and videos on these apps using Eyezy. It gives you insights into the chats on social media applications.

        WhatsApp and LINE.


Part 3. Eyezy Plans & Pricing

Eyezy is an economical app that offers multiple plans and pricing options to choose from. Eyezy costs per month are reduced when you choose long-term plans. You can choose from 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month subscription plans. However, one subscription is for one device only.

In case you’re wondering, “How much does Eyezy cost, we’ve shared all Eyezy pricing plans:

Price plan of Eyezy.

While the 12-month subscription plan costs more overall, it is suggested that users try the app for one month before paying for a year.

Part 4. Eyezy Installation & Setup

Here are the connection methods and detailed step-by-step guides for using Eyezy on Android and iPhone devices.

If you want to monitor an Android device, please follow the steps:

Step 1. Register a free account with your email.

Register a free account.

Step 2. Select the "Android" option.

Select the

Step 3. Choose the payment plan.

Price plan of Eyezy.

Step 4. After payment is successful, you'll be redirected to the Eyezy dashboard. Follow the instructions there to install the software on the Android phone you want to monitor.

 Install the software on the Android phone you want to monitor.

Step 5. Once the installation is complete, you can remotely monitor the Android phone.

The Android dashboard of Eyezy.

If you want to monitor an iPhone, please follow the steps:

Step 1. Register a free account with your email.

Register a free account.

Step 2. Select the "iPhone" option.

Select the

Step 3. Choose the payment plan.

Price plan of Eyezy.

Step 4. After payment is successful, you'll be automatically redirected to the Eyezy dashboard. There, you'll see three connection methods. Choose the one that suits your situation.

        iPhone connection methods.

Method 1. Via iCloud Sync

(1) Enter the target iPhone's iCloud account credentials.

Enter the target iPhone's iCloud account credentials.

(2) Enter the SMS verification code (Note: this code is sent to the phone you want to monitor, so you'll need to access that phone to view the code).

Enter the SMS verification code.

(3) Wait for Eyezy to sync data with the iCloud account. Once done, you can view the monitoring information on the control panel.

Sync data with the iCloud account.

Method 2. Via USB Connection

(1) Login to your account.

Login to your account in Eyezy's dashboard.

(2) Connect the target device.

Connect the target device.

(3) Connect the target iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

 Connect the target iPhone.

(4) Enable backup.

Enable backup.

(5) Once backup is complete, you can start monitor the target iPhone remotely.

Monitor the target iPhone remotely with the USB connection method.

As I mentioned above, jailbreaking involves high technical difficulty and can harm the phone. Therefore, I haven't used this method and can't provide you with the complete steps.

Part 5. Eyezy Customer Support & After-Sales Experience

Customer support is one of the strongest features of the Eyezy app, as most users share it. You can contact the team about any inconvenience, and they'll make sure to find a solution. Sometimes, you are directed to the customer service representative. At the same time, you might get an automatically generated ticket on the website. Moreover, users also report that subscribers get easier access to Eyezy customer support representatives than non-subscribers.

Yet you must remember that there are very low chances of Eyezy refund even with exceptional customer support. The team will do everything to resolve your issue, but you might not get a refund.

Customer service window of Eyezy.

Part 6. What Real Users Say about Eyezy

Most users have positive sentiments about Eyezy and mention that the app has made monitoring their teenagers' activities quite easy. Eventually, it helps them save their child from potential danger and helps them in unfavorable situations.

Moreover, a few also mentioned that this app saved them from disasters as they could initiate conversations on the topic even if the other person did not mention it. At the same time, many users are upset with the application as it does not provide refunds even if they unsubscribe soon.

Here are some Eyezy user reviews from Trustpilot:

Eyezy user reviews from Trustpilot.

Part 7. Bonus: Eyezy vs. Msafely - Which One is Better

Msafely is another popular spy app used by parents globally to monitor their children's activity. Now that you know Eyezy pros and cons, comparing them with Msafely's pros and cons will help you decide which app is best for your needs.

Like Eyezy free trial issue, Msafely does not offer a free trial. You can subscribe to it after selecting your preferred plan and paying for it. Both apps also share numerous other features, such as text message monitoring, browser history tracking, call history, WhatsApp tracking, GPS location, etc.

However, compared to Eyezy, Msafely can monitor more social media apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, LINE, ect.

CompatibilityAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS

• 1-month plan for $38.39/mo

• 3-month plan for $22.39/mo

• 12-month plan for $7.99/mo

• 1-month plan for $39.99/mo

• 3-month plan for $23.33/mo

• 12-month plan for $8.33/mo

Remote control
Stealth mode
Free demo
Connection method

iOS-iCloud & USB & Jailbreak



Android-Google cloud & APP

General features monitoring (SMS, locations, calls,ect.)
Social media monitoringWhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, LINEWhatsApp, LINE, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Tiktok, Kik, Skype, YouTube, WeChat, Viber, Tinder, Teams, QQ
Customer serviceNo online customer service and the only way to get help is by email24/7 AI customer service and human customer service

Part 8. Summary

Eyezy is a helpful spy app that lets you monitor your partner or children’s activity and offer improved protection. It enables you to track their location, call logs, SMS, emails, calendar, and browsing history. You can also screen record social media apps and analyze each moment via keylogger. Moreover, you can check their social media activity, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat.

At the same time, Eyezy does not give you access to videos on the target phone, including media on social apps. This article covers everything about the app including, “how much is Eyezy,” “How does Eyezy work,” Eyezy pricing, Eyezy reviews, Eyezy reviews complaints, and much more to help you decide if it suits your needs.

Part 9. FAQs about Eyezy

Q1. Can Eyezy see deleted messages?

Eyezy is a complete solution if you're interested in texts and social media chats on the target phone. The screen recorder feature gives you information about messages in a timely manner, even if they are deleted later.

Q2. How many devices can you have on Eyezy?

The standard Eyezy Premium Plan lets you monitor one device at a time. However, if you want to track multiple devices, the Family Kit Plan is perfect; it lets you monitor three devices per subscription.

Q3. Does Eyezy notify the other person?

Eyezy does not notify the other person of being spied on. However, you must connect the target phone to your Eyezy account to monitor their activity.

Q4. Does Eyezy track WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is among the most common apps used for cheating today, and Eyezy provides you complete access to WhatsApp chats on your target device. Yet, you might not be able to see the media received or sent via WhatsApp.

Q5. Is Eyezy free or paid?

Eyezy is a paid spy app that offers three subscription plans. Choose a monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan according to your needs. The app does not provide a free trial but gives monthly Eyezy coupon codes for discounted subscription rates.

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