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Spy on Snapchat

  • Read Snapchat conversitions.
  • Get to know contact or friend list on Snapchat.
  • View the recipient's name and the time and date the message was sent or received.
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What can you do with our Snapchat monitoring features

Why do you need to track Snapchat

Known for its unique messaging, Snapchat is especially popular with younger users for sharing moments and interacting with friends.

However, as it grew, it began to be used by people with ulterior motives to start spreading violence, pornography, and other bad content, so to protect your loved ones, use Msafely to keep an eye on their Snapchat activity anytime, anywhere!

How to use Msafely to monitor Snapchat activities remotely

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    Register a Msafely Account

    Register for a free Msafely account with your valid email
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    Connect with a Target Device

    Choose suitable plan and connect target phone with Msafely
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    Start Monitoring

    Go to your Msafely Control Panel to start tracking the target device

What differentiates Msafely from other snapchat spying apps


Msafely is suited for any device

No matter you have an Android or iOS, Msafely provides you with customized monitoring solutions.


Gain a clear view of Snapchat activity

Using Msafely, you can monitor all the Snapchat activities, including, chat list, messages sent and received, pictures, videos, etc.


Keep eyes on what you want to monitor

Not just Snapchat, we can help you monitor more than 30 data types such as text messages, videos, photos, location, and more anytime, anywhere.

Real reviews from our customers

msafely phone tracker msafely phone tracker
Msafely really helps me a lot. There's been a little bit of negative news about snapchat lately, and I was worried that my son would be browsing snapchat for content that contains pornography and violence, and thanks to Msafely, I'm able to keep an eye on my son's Snapchat activity!
Thomas Israel Lawyer
msafely phone tracker msafely phone tracker
I'm a super Snapchat fan. I'm always looking for ways I can back up my Snapchat. Msafely is really awesome! It helped me backup everything in Snapchat, such as chats, photos, videos, and even images I accidentally deleted!
Carl Oliver Medical Assistant
msafely phone tracker msafely phone tracker
It really helps me! I've used other monitoring programs, and Msafely is the only one that can satisfy my need to monitor Snapchat on the target iPhone.
Dean Tolle Taxi Driver