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View Photos & Videos

  • View all the photos captured on the monitored device.
  • Monitor all saved videos on the target phone.
  • View time and date stamps of each photos and video.
  • Download all photos & videos stored on the target device.
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What can you do with Msafely photos & videos monitoring features

The necessity of monitoring someone's photos & videos

Trillions of photos are taken every year, and that number continues to grow, according to a survey that showed that as many as 88% women say they've taken a nude selfie, and about 30% teens agree to share nude photos of themselves online.There are more than 500 hours of video uploaded every minute on YouTube, including content that may be inappropriate for children to download or watch. These potential dangers are everywhere. Using Msafely can help you always care for your loved ones.

How to use Msafely to monitor photos & videos remotely

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    Register a Msafely Account

    Register for a free Msafely account with your valid email
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    Connect with a Target Device

    Choose suitable plan and connect target phone with Msafely
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    Start Monitoring

    Go to your Msafely Control Panel to start tracking the target device

What differentiates Msafely from other photos & videos spying apps


Msafely Is Suited for Any Device

No matter you have an Android or iOS, Msafely provides you with customized monitoring solutions.


Gain a clear view of photos & videos

Using Msafely, you can monitor all photos and videos stored on the target device.


Keep eyes on what you want to monitor

Not just photos and videos, we can help you monitor more than 30 data types such as text messages, GPS location, WhatsApp, and more anytime, anywhere.

Real reviews from our customers

msafely phone tracker msafely phone tracker
Thanks to Msafely, I can keep a close eye on my child's phone activities, especially with the photo and video monitoring feature. This app allows me to stay informed and ensure my child's safety. I highly recommend it to all parents.
Thomas Israel Lawyer
msafely phone tracker msafely phone tracker
The photo and video monitoring feature is a game-changer. It helps me ensure my child's online safety, and it's so easy to use. Thank you, Msafely!
Carl Oliver Medical Assistant
msafely phone tracker msafely phone tracker
Msafely is a must-have for any parent. Knowing that I can monitor my child's phone activity, including photos and videos, in real-time is a huge relief. This app has made parenting in the digital age so much easier!
Dean Tolle Taxi Driver