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Track Line

  • Monitor both sent and received Line text messages, even deleted ones.
  • Access and download images, videos, and files shared through Line messages.
  • View private or group chats on Line.
  • Anonymously spy on the Line activities of your target.
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What can you do with Msafely monitoring features

Track all messages

Msafely allows you to track private and group chats on target's Line, including incoming, outgoing, and deleted messages. All images, videos, and files attached with chats are also available.

Check sender’s name and number

Know who they're in contact with at all times.

View time and date stamps

You can view the time and date of each message and call through Msafely's dashboard, and it's all at your fingertips.

The necessity of monitoring someone's Line

Line supports both normal and secret conversations, on the one hand, it protects users' privacy; on the other hand, it may lead to your child's dangerous situations. So you need to take full control of your child's actions on this application to get rid of online predators.

How to use Msafely to monitor Line remotely

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    Register a Msafely Account

    Register for a free Msafely account with your valid email
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    Connect with a Target Device

    Choose suitable plan and connect target phone with Msafely
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    Start Monitoring

    Go to your Msafely Control Panel to start tracking the target device

What differentiates Msafely from other Line spying apps


Msafely Is Suited for Any Device

No matter you have an Android or iOS, Msafely provides you with customized monitoring solutions.


See their Line message and activity remotely

Msafely allows you to track all sent and received messages. You even can check the time and date of each message.


Keep eyes on what you want to monitor

Not just Line, we can help you monitor more than 30 data types such as text messages, videos, photos, GPS location, and more anytime, anywhere.

Real reviews from our customers

msafely phone tracker msafely phone tracker
We love the security that Msafely provides. Line monitoring helps us protect our child from potential online risks and cyberbullying.
Thomas Israel Lawyer
msafely phone tracker msafely phone tracker
As parents, Msafely's Line monitoring is a must-have. With Msafely, I can keep a close eye on my kid's Line activities. I really like the feature!
Carl Oliver Medical Assistant
msafely phone tracker msafely phone tracker
It enables us to keep our child safe on Line and ensure they're not exposed to inappropriate content or harmful contacts.
Dean Tolle Taxi Driver