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uMobix review: Is It Undetectable? How Does it Work?

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uMobix is touted as a professional spy app that claims to monitor all data on the target device. But is it really that powerful? How does it work? Is it legal to use? And is it worth buying? With mixed reviews online, who should you trust?

If you're grappling with these questions, this blog is just what you need. As a professional spy app reviewer, I'll share my firsthand experience with uMobix, providing you with a clearer understanding of this software from my perspective.


Our Verdict

uMobix is a spy app that can monitor both Android and iPhone devices, allowing you to remotely monitor browsing history, bookmarks, photos, videos, and more on the targeted phones.

However, for iPhone users, uMobix may not be as user-friendly. Its monitoring features are relatively limited, and the connection process is more complex. In contrast, the Android version offers more powerful monitoring capabilities, especially in social media monitoring.

Additionally, uMobix's pricing is relatively high comparing with other spy apps, with a monthly cost of $12.49 if you opt for the annual plan.


  • Capable of monitoring both Android and iPhone.
  • For users monitoring Android devices, the monitoring features are robust, particularly in social media monitoring.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Remote monitoring of someone's devices is possible.
  • Operates in stealth mode.


  • Relatively expensive pricing.
  • For users monitoring iPhones, the connection process is complex and features are limited.
  • Requires physical access to the target device for installation, regardless of whether you're monitoring an Android or iPhone.
  • The "purchase again" button is easily triggered, leading to multiple accidental purchases.
Starting price

$12.49/month per month (billed annually)

Free trial
Free demo
Standout features
Monitoring Social Media on Android Devices

Part 1. Deep Dive Review of uMobix's Android Monitoring Features

During my testing, I found that uMobix's Android monitoring features were quite impressive and met my needs satisfactorily.

1.1. How does uMobix work on an Android

You need to have access to the target device and then install the software on it. After the installation is complete, you follow on-screen instructions to grant data permissions, such as for SMS, photos, videos, etc. The entire process typically takes around 10-15 minutes.

1.2. Specific monitoring features of uMobix for Android

uMobix can monitor nearly 20 different activities on Android phones. The table below provides detailed information on what activities uMobix can monitor.

General featuresSocial media



Photo snapshot


Address book

















(All of the above social media are shown by way of screenshots.)

General features review:

  • SMS

uMobix allows you to view all incoming and outgoing text messages on the target device, including detailed information such as the message content, sender's name or phone number, and the time the message was received.

SMS monitoring uMobix.


  • Calls

Umobix call monitoring feature allows you to see all incoming, outcoming, and missed calls secretly. What's more, it can allow you to block callers. The feature can be quite useful, especially for parents who are concerned about their children receiving unwanted calls or harassment from strangers.

Call history monitoring uMobix.


  • Photo snapshot

You can take photos using the front or rear camera of your target device. One photo per minute. Whether you can take a photo successfully is affected by many factors, such as the target device has locked the screen, bad Wi-Fi, etc.

                Photo snapshot monitoring uMObix.


  • Videos

The feature enables you to see all videos saved on the Android phone you want to monitor.

                Videos monitoring uMObix.


  • Address book

uMobix can help you to see the contact list on the target phone.

                Address book monitoring uMObix.


  • Browsers

You can see the record of browser usage.

                Browsers monitoring uMObix.

Social media monitoring feature review:

uMobix monitors social media by taking screenshots of the target device whenever a social media app is opened. These screenshots are captured every 10 seconds.

While this method allows monitoring across multiple platforms, it has drawbacks.

Firstly, sifting through numerous screenshots may be necessary to find relevant content. Secondly, the 10-second interval increases the risk of missing crucial information, potentially disrupting the flow of conversations and preventing the viewing of complete chat content.

Below, I will use WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat as examples to show you how they are presented in the uMobix dashboard.

  • WhatsApp

                WhatsApp tracking uMObix.


  • Instagram

                Instagram tracking.


  • Snapchat

                Snapchat tracking.

Part 2. Deep Dive Review of uMobix's iPhone Monitoring Features

uMobix can secretly monitor someone's iPhone. Let's take a look together at its iPhone monitoring evaluation!

2.1. How does uMobix work on an iPhone

Unlike other spy app I've used, uMobix doesn't rely on iCloud connectivity. Instead, it uses an APP+iCloud connection method. This means you need to first get access to the target device and install the software. After installation, you input the target device's iCloud account and password into the uMobix dashboard.

You might wonder if it's possible to only install the software on the target device without inputting the iCloud account and password into the uMobix dashboard. The answer is yes, it's possible. However, in doing so, your remote monitoring features will be very limited.

2.2. Specific monitoring features of uMobix for iPhone

You can check out this table to see what data uMobix can monitor.

Connection methodGeneral featuresSocial media

Download files


Browser histrory

Browser bookmarks



Address book

Can't monitor social media.

Download files


Browser histrory

Browser bookmarks



Address book

Messages, Notes, WiFi, Calendar, Camera, Calls ( You need to enter iCloud account and password of the target phone.)

Can't monitor social media.

General features review:

  • Download files

You can see the download files in the uMobix dashboard.

Download files.


  • Address book

The feature allows you to check the contact list stored in the target phone.

        Monitoring address book in an iPhone.


  • Browser history & browser bookmarks

uMobix allows you to see what websites the monitored person has visited and what bookmarks they have saved.

Browser history and bookmarks.


  • Locations

uMobix's location tracker allows you to see where he/she is and where they have been. It's very accurate and is updated in real-time (about every 5-10 minutes).

        Location tracking.


  • Applications & Activities

With the monitoring features, you can know the app usage of the target phone.

        Monitoring applications and activities.

If you want to monitor data such as Messages, Notes, WiFi, Calendar, Camera, and Calls, you'll need to input the iCloud account and password of the iPhone being monitored. When you login, you need to get the target device again to view the SMS verification code.

Social media monitoring feature review:

In my view, uMobix cannot monitor social media activities on iPhones. This is because its dashboard indicates that to view social media content, besides installing the software on the target device, you also need to know the username and password for each social media account on the monitored device. Even if you have this information, you'll still need to input a verification code. This process is cumbersome and easily detectable.

Tracking social media.


Part 3. uMobix Plans & Pricing

uMobix offers three payment plans: 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months. Calculating the monthly cost, the 12-month plan is the most cost-effective.

Before using uMobix, please note that its iOS monitoring features are significantly fewer than its Android counterpart.

Overall, uMobix is quite pricey. I don't recommend it for users who want to monitor iOS devices because the iOS version lacks many features.

Unfortunately, uMobix doesn't offer a free trial or a refund guarantee. To try its features, you must purchase a monthly package. uMobix has a 14-day refund period, but the refund conditions are strict.

Price plan of uMobix.

A reminder for users who have already made a purchase: if you have successfully linked the target device and accessed the uMobix dashboard, please do not randomly click "Add New Device". Clicking this will automatically prompt uMobix to purchase again without any warning or need for re-entering payment details.

Add new device button.

Part 4. uMobix Installation & Setup

For Android and iPhone, there's a slight difference in the connecting process for uMobix. Next, I will demonstrate each one separately.

If you want to monitor an Android device, please follow the steps:

Step 1. Sign up for a free account with your email.

Sign up for a free account.

Step 2. Choose the "Android" option.

Choose the

Step 3. Choose your price plan.

Price plan of uMobix.

Step 4. Download the uMobix APP on the target Android device.

Download the uMobix APP.

Step 5. After finishing all the above connection process, you can start to monitor someone's Android phones remotely.

Umobix Android dashboard.

If you want to monitor an iPhone, please follow the steps:

The process for connecting iOS devices is similar to connecting Android ones. You'll need to register for a free account, select the iOS device you want to monitor, and make a payment. Once the payment is successful, you'll install the software on the iPhone you want to monitor.

However, as mentioned earlier, if you only install the software on the target iPhone, you'll only be able to monitor Download files, Locations, Browser history, Browser bookmarks, Applications, Activities, and Address book. If you want to monitor Messages, Notes, WiFi, Calendar, Camera, and Calls, you'll need to go through iCloud authentication.

iCloud authentication.

Part 5. uMobix Customer Support & After-Sales Experience

Overall, my experience with uMobix customer service has been excellent. Whenever I have had any issues, I've been able to find help online promptly.

uMobix offers a 14-day refund service, but it doesn't mean you can just request a refund whenever you want. Refunds are subject to their company's refund policy for the possibility of a successful refund.

Customer service of uMObix.

Part 6. What Real Users Say about uMobix

In order to make the evaluation more fair and objective, I collected reviews shared by other users on the reputable review website Trustpilot. Overall, there is a polarization, with both positive and negative reviews. Let's approach this objectively.

Reviews of uMobix from Trustpilot.

Part 7. Bonus: uMobix vs. Msafely - Which One is Better

Through in-depth evaluations, we've found that uMobix has its pros and cons. But is there an alternative? The answer is yes!

Msafely is a professional spy software that can monitor both Android and iPhone devices. Unlike uMobix's complex connection process, Msafely offers a simpler setup process, with powerful monitoring capabilities. You can remotely monitor SMS, call logs, locations, photos, videos, as well as social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and Snapchat.

CompatibilityAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS

• 1-month plan for $49.99/mo

• 3-month plan for $29.99/mo

• 12-month plan for $12.49/mo

• 1-month plan for $39.99/mo

• 3-month plan for $23.33/mo

• 12-month plan for $8.33/mo

Free demo
Remote control
Connection method




Android-Google cloud & APP

General features monitoring (SMS, locations, calls,ect.)Can't track the location on Android phones.
Social media trackingIt can monitor social media on Android phones, but not on iPhones.
Customer service24/7 AI customer service and human customer service24/7 AI customer service and human customer service

Part 8. Summary

uMobix might be more suitable for those who want to monitor Android devices. If you're looking to monitor an iPhone, uMobix may not be the best choice. Additionally, compared to other spy software, uMobix is relatively expensive.

Alright! That concludes the comprehensive review of uMobix. I hope this review has given you a better understanding of uMobix and will help you make a more informed decision.

Part 9. FAQs about uMobix

Q1. Is uMobix legal?

This will need to be determined based on local laws and policies, as well as what and who you would like to monitor with uMobix.

Q2. How much does uMobix cost?

uMobix offers 3 pricing plans, one-month, three-month and 12-month. 1-month plan for $49.99/month, 3-month plan for $29.99/month and 12-month plan for $12.49/month.

Q3. How does uMobix work?

For users who want to monitor Android devices, uMobix enables remote monitoring by installing software on the target device. For those who wish to monitor iPhones, uMobix accomplishes this by installing software on the target device and through iCloud authentication.

Q4. Is Umobix reliable?

Yes, uMobix is a trustworthy and invisible spyware. As long as you install the software on the target device, you can remotely monitor someone's cell phone in the dashboard of uMobix.

Q5. Does uMobix have a money back guarantee?

uMobix offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, but it's not guaranteed that you'll get a refund just because you want one. You need to meet their refund conditions.

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