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How to Track Browser History of Employee

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Employees are an indispensable part of a company that can either make it boom or sends it to the depths of huge financial losses. The internet is available in all companies and it is used for various business purposes like sending messages and emails in and out of the company. It is especially important in IT companies where employees use the internet to search for various things that help them to do their work efficiently. But if not properly monitored, some can start using it for entertainment purposes and not do any work. It would decrease their productivity and your company may face a financial crisis.

Track Browser History of Employee

Moreover, this is not the only risk that you face. If an employee visits frivolous and objectionable websites on the company’s PCs can expose your business to serious legal risks and suits from both clients and other staff that were exposed to that content. Other risks are even more dangerous. If your employee leas your company's secrets and strategy, client or customer information, data, or visits sites that can expose the entire company server to malware risks, you may be in more trouble.

To protect the integrity of your company and business information and data, you need to track employee browser history. By monitoring their web history, you will not only increase their productivity but also protect your company from legal or security issues.

Msafely: Track Employee Browser History of Mobile Phone

Company computers are not the only way that employees can surf other websites during work hours. Every company has Wi-Fi and employees can use the internet through Wi-Fi and do other things except work. If you want to track employee browser history from their mobiles, then Msafely is your solution.

Msafely is one of the best spying and monitoring apps for Android and iOS-based smartphones. It allows you to see all the activities of your employees during work hours and take appropriate action to admonish this behavior. You can check call logs, messages, emails, calendars, and web browser history from their mobile.

Features of Msafely

Price: - One month - $48.99, Three months - $27.99/month, One year - $11.66/month.

How to Use Msafely in 3 Simple Steps

Take 3 easy steps to monitor employees' devices owned by company.

  • Step 1. Create A Free Account

Before using Msafely, you need to sign up for free with a valid email. It only takes a few seconds.

  • Step 2. Add iCloud Credentials

After you register a free account, you go ahead to purchase a suitable plan. Then you enter the Apple ID and password for the target phone in the required field.

  • Step 3. Start Monitoring Employees

Once you finish setting up, you log in to your Msafely dashboard.

Employee Browser History Monitoring

Employee monitoring is a use of surveillance techniques for gathering information on the activities of employees at the workplace. Employee monitoring is very important for businesses to increase their employee’s productivity and protect from other risks. Employees have a tendency of goofing around if they aren’t monitored.

Nowadays most of the business owners use employee monitoring software to track employee browser history. Employee browser history can give you insight on the activities of your employee during work hours. You can check what your employees see on the internet when they are working and whether they are using the internet for work purposes or not. This will help you invoke your company policy strictly and make your employees more sincere.

Employee monitoring software records all types of details from keystrokes to emails logs, chats, websites visited and other details of an employee and save it on your server or send it to you so that you can review it later. They allow you to track employee browser history without needing to personally check it by going to their computer. They are very useful if you want to increase the productivity of your employees by not allowing them to surf other websites that are not relevant to your business like social networks, adult sites, games and other content like movies and videos etc.

1. SurveilStar Employee Monitoring

SurveilStar is the best monitoring software to track employee browser history. It allows you to monitor, record, control, and block the internet activates of a person who you want to monitor. SurveilStar allows businesses to monitor their employees effectively at the workplace and provides comprehensive statistics and reports for further review. It will provide you with all the information on the websites visited by the employees like URLs, titles, sizes, time stamps, etc. It can collect data even if there is no internet connection and later forward it to you when an internet connection is available.

SurveilStar Employee Monitoring

Price: - Free trial for 30 days and afterward $69.95 each month for one computer. Per unit price will decrease with a number of computers.

2. Teramind Monitoring for Employee

Teramind is the fully loaded employee monitoring software that allows you to keep an eye on your employee behavior, monitor employee efficiency, and ensure that they don’t visit objectionable websites. It also allows you to track employee browser history when they use company computer during work hours.

Teramind Monitoring for Employee

Price: - Free trial version for 14 days and afterward $50 for one month.

3. Sentry PC Monitoring

It is cloud-based real-time monitoring software that allows you to view real-time activities of an employee. This is very good software if you want to track employee browser history. It also allows you to enable content filtering and block sites that you don’t want your employees to visit.

Sentry PC Monitoring

Price: - $59.95 for one year

4. NetVizor

It is award-winning monitoring software that allows you to track the keystrokes, emails, websites, windows, and files opened, the application used, and other activities of a user. It is one of the best software to track employee browser history. It allows you to centrally monitor the activities of your employees in real-time from one location.


Price: - $59 for lifetime usage with free upgrades for one year.

5. Qustodio

Qustodio is a free internet monitoring software used to track sites visited on the computer. Qustodio is available for leading operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It consists of various features which allow you to track employee activities.


Price: - Premium version $40 per year.


If you want to increase the productivity of your business and prevent the misuse of company’s resources on irrelevant things, you can do this with the help of employee monitoring software available online. This software will record all user activities on your company computer and also help you track employee browser history. Tracking employee web history will enable you to get maximum productivity from your employees.

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