Promises from Msafely Team

As a professional monitoring solution provider, we always value the promises we make to our customers. To fulfill the promises, we have built a solid team of highly proficient programmers to develop top-ranked solutions. We also have a disciplined Marketing and Service team to keep in touch with the end users, listening to their voices and answering their questions.

Privacy & Account Security Guarantee

All your private information including the account created on are encrypted and secured from any malicious use. All the data read from the monitored devices are secured with advanced encrypted technology to prevent from any privacy leak. You may visit our Privacy Policy page for more details.

Money Back Guarantee

All refund requests conforming to our Refund Policy will be dealt with in 7 business days. You may visit our Refund Policy page to read more details.

Fast Customer Service Guarantee

All emails or tickets will be responded within 24 business hours. All customer complaints will be solved within 7 business days. You may find the answers of FAQs or contact us directly.