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The 5 Best Child Tracking Devices of 2023

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Nowadays, parents are more and more concerned about the safety of their children. Whether it is at school or playing outside, the child's position is always a great concern for parents. In order to allow parents to better track the location of their children, there are many child-tracking devices on the market for parents to choose from. 

5 of the best child-tracking devices to help parents know where their kids are in real time.


In the market, there are many child tracking devices to choose from, but some of them need to install an app on the child's mobile phone, which not only increases the burden on the child's mobile phone but also makes it easy to discover. This may be uncomfortable for some children with high privacy awareness. However, there are now some child tracking devices that do not require the installation of an app on the child's mobile phone.

1. Msafely. This can achieve covert monitoring, protect the privacy of the child, and at the same time allow parents to more easily understand the child's location information.


Besides Msafely, there are a few other child-tracking devices that are also very popular with parents. For example:

2. Verizon GizmoWatch 2
Verizon GizmoWatch 2 is a 4G network-based child tracking device with location, calling and messaging functions. Not only does it keep kids in touch with parents and friends, it can track a child's location using GPS and Wi-Fi, and even set up fences to keep kids safe.


3. Jiobit
Jiobit is a small, lightweight tracking device that easily attaches to your child's clothing. It uses Bluetooth technology, can track the real-time location of the child, and provides security alerts and monitoring functions. In addition, Jiobit is also equipped with self-replaceable batteries, which can make it more convenient for users to use.


4. AngelSense
AngelSense is a custom tracking device designed for children with autism or other special needs. It has a tracking function, voice monitoring, and a series of security alarm functions, such as a fixed security zone and alarm mechanism. At the same time, AngelSense also provides a parent community so that parents can share experiences and support each other.


5. TickTalk 4
TickTalk 4 is a smartwatch with call, message, and location functions. It supports a 4G network, can use GPS, Wi-Fi, and base station positioning to track the location of children, and has functions such as an electronic fence, SOS alarm, and classroom mode. In addition, TickTalk 4 also supports video calls between parents and children, so that parents can better understand the situation of their children.



Compared with these tracking devices, Msafely is an excellent monitoring software. It has the following advantages:

1. No need to install apps: Msafely is a monitoring software based on cloud technology, no need to install any apps on children's mobile phones, just install them on parents' devices to use.

2. Undiscoverable: Since Msafely runs on the cloud, it will not leave any traces on the child's mobile phone, so it will not be discovered by the child.

3. Real-time location and historical location tracking: Msafely supports real-time location tracking and historical location query, allowing parents to know the location of their children at any time.

4. Global coverage: Msafely can cover location tracking around the world, so that parents can keep track of their children's location no matter where they are.

5. Security protection: Msafely adopts strict data encryption and privacy protection measures to ensure that the personal privacy of parents and children is fully protected.

6. All-in-one iPhone Spy App

Msafely is designed to remotely track iPhones without anyone knowing. It allows to track all activities on the target iPhone such as text messages, calls, photos, videos, calendar events, notes, GPS location, social apps chats.


How to operate Msafely

It is very easy to operate Msafely for tracking someone’s location. Only three steps are involved.

Step 1. Sign up Free

Before starting monitoring, create a free Msafely account using your valid email.


Step 2. Connect Target Phone with Msafely 

Purchase a suitable plan. Set up Msafely and login to the iCloud account using the target device’s iCloud ID and password.

track someone's location without them knowing

Step 3. Start Monitoring

Start tracking the target device’s location from Msafely control panel.



Msafely is a parental monitoring software that does not require the installation of an app on the target phone. It can provide real-time and historical location tracking to help parents better understand their children's location information and safety status. Compared with other tracking devices, Msafely has the advantages of no need for installation and strong concealment, which can better meet the monitoring needs of parents. In addition, Msafely also has features such as protection mechanisms and custom reminders, which can improve parents' monitoring effect and practicability on their children.


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