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2 ways to hack someone's Android phone without touching it

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Tired of trying to hack someone's cell phone but continuously failing? We've got you. If you are a parent or an employer, we understand how hard it gets to know what going on in your child's or your employee's mind. Parents want to keep their children safe and employers are just looking out for their organization. Yes, we understand it all, but this one question “How?”makes you stuck, and you can't seem to find your way out of it. Well, in this article, we have brought you a jam-packed guide on how you can hack someone's Android remotely. Our lovely Android audience, keep reading because this one's for you!

Part 1. Can I hack someone's Android phone without physical access to the target phone

Yes! You can hack someone's Android phone without physically having access to the target phone. Hacking someone's Android phone remotely is not only achievable but also quite easy if you follow the simple steps.

Part 2. How to hack someone's Android phone remotely

If you want to hack your Android phone remotely, here are two simple methods that you can use.

2.1. How to hack someone's Android phone from another Android phone or computer

Msafely, the rising star of 2023, has quickly gained market acceptance for its powerful remote hacking features. Whether you want to track an Android phone using your mobile or computer, it makes the process effortless. It helps you spy on SMS, photos, videos, GPS location, and social media like WhatsApp and Facebook on someone's Android phone.

Features of Msafely

  • Easy to use. Connect in just 3 simple steps.
  • No app or icon can be found on the target Android phone. It works in hidden and undetectable mode.
  • Real-time tracking. You can spy on someone's Android phone anytime, anywhere. All the data on the target phone is updated on the Msafely dashboard.
  • No requirements for rooting or jailbreak.
              What data Msafely can hack








 General featuresSocial networks

Text messages

GPS locations



Call logs


Installed apps

Wi-Fi networks


















How to use Msafely to hack someone's Android phone-Step by step guide

Simply follow the steps below, and you'll effortlessly be able to remotely hack someone's Android phone from your own mobile or computer. Alright, let's go through these steps!

Step 1. Click on "Sign Up Free".

Step 2. Create an account.

Step 3. Select the device you wish to monitor--for example, if you want to spy on an Android phone, select "Android." You must select "iPhone" if you wish to spy on an iPhone.

Step 4. Connect your target phone.

Msafely provides 2 ways to help users to connect the target Android phone. If you can access the target device, I suggest using the "Install App" method for connection. If you can't physically reach the Android phone, the "Google account" option is more suitable for you.

Step 5. Start hacking.

Step 6. Track the target phone.

Now, in Msafely's dashboard, you can view the target phone effortlessly. Monitor various data like text messages, GPS location, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more.

  • Text message.
  • GPS location.

Here is the whole process of how to use Msafely to hack someone's Android phone. If your target phone is an iPhone, this post How to Hack Someone's iPhone Free can meet your needs.

2.2. How to hack someone's Android phone by sending a link

Hacking someone’s Android phone using a sending link can be tricky. So, you’ll need to remember a few things before you start to hack someone’s Android phone remotely. But before we dive into the techniques, you need to keep this basic principle in mind.

Basic Principle:

  • Using appropriate software, create a link, which will help you in leading the victim to your app or website.
  • With the help of a text message, send the link to the victim. However, make sure that the link is shortened because in this way, the target individual will not be able to see the actual link.
  • You need to craft such a message that your target individual gets compelled to open the link immediately.
  • The minute the target individual clicks on the link, you can get your hands on all the information you need from that person.

Hacking someone’s Android phone using a sending link includes a technical part, which involves the creation of the link with proper software, if you want it to work. One way to do that is by using Kali Linux software. However, this method is extremely technical and daunting, which is why we’ll introduce a simpler method.

Hacking someone’s Android Phone by Creating a Fake Login Page

Creating a fake page to hack into someone’s Android phone is known as the technique of “Phishing”, where the login page of a popular website is impersonated. Here’s how you can use the phishing method.

Step 1. Select the website

The first step involves choosing a website that you want to impersonate, for instance, a popular website like Facebook.

Step 2. Go to the login page of the popular website

Once you select the website, you need to go to the login page of that website, for instance, www.facebook.com/login

Step 3. Acquire the HTML Code

By right-clicking on the body, acquire the HTML code of the popular website. From there, go to the menu and tap on the “View Page Source” option.

Step 4. Select the Code

You’ll see an entire code shown on the screen, which you need to copy and paste into the text file of your Notepad. Save the file and rename the file to index.html.

Step 5. Create a PHP

Now, if you want to hack into someone’s Android, you need to create a PHP, which will direct the username and the password of the target individual to you, once that individual enters them into the fake login page you created.

The PHP file can be found online, and you can save this file with the name post.php.

Step 6. Choose a Hosting Service that is Free

Now, you need to upload your index.html and post.php files on a hosting service, but make sure that you choose a free hosting service.

Step 7. Choose the Domain Name

Now, you need to select the name of the domain, However, here you need to shorten the URL, so your URL remains hidden.

Step 8. Send the link to the Target Individual

Once you’ve shortened the link, send it to the target individual and then just sit back till that target individual opens the link.

Step 9. Start hacking!

The minute the target individual clicks on the link, you can get access to all their credentials, and then you can start hacking Android phones remotely!

Part 3. How can I hack someone's Android phone just by knowing the phone number

Hacking someone’s Android phone just by knowing the phone number is currently impossible, which is why you can opt for other methods mentioned above if you want to engage in easy and fast hacking of the Android phone.

Part 4. How do you know if someone hacked your Android phone

While it is ethical to hack someone’s Android phone if you want to help someone, it gets extremely worrisome if someone hacks your Android phone without any consent. Here’s how you can suspect if someone’s hacked your Android phone.

Suspicious apps: Spyware apps may have been the culprit when it comes to getting your phone hacked. So, uninstall any apps you don’t remember installing or if the problem began after installing the said apps.

Drainage of the battery: When your Android phone gets hacked, your battery will drain immediately and the phone will also get hot and slow whenever you use it, which is one of the signs that your Android phone may have been hacked.

Abnormal behavior: Another way of knowing if someone hacked your Android phone is to look out for erratic or abnormal behavior. For instance, some actions such as apps getting opened or closed, are being done without you doing anything or if calls have been made to unfamiliar numbers.

Usage of Data: If someone has hacked your Android phone, it must have been on the internet. To know for sure, you can check your data usage, and if there has been a considerable spike, your Android phone may have been compromised.

Part 5. How to guard your phone data against hackers

To prevent unauthorized access to your phone, you can use these measures to protect your Android phone from malicious hackers.

  • Whenever you’re in a public place or anywhere, never leave your phone alone, giving no time to anyone to get access to your phone.
  • As soon as you open your phone, change the default password to something only you can know and remember.
  • Always turn off your Bluetooth whenever it is not in use. Also, make sure that you never connect your Android phone to any insecure device.
  • Make sure that your account credentials remain safe and secure. Never write them any app on your phone because their servers can get hacked too. Also, use a strong password for your account, containing a mix of letters, special characters, and numbers.
  • Never connect to a public Wi-Fi as that is the easiest way for hackers to get access to your phone.

Part 6. What to do if your phone has been hacked

If you fall victim to the malicious crimes of a hacker and your Android phone gets hacked, here are the things you can do:

Part 7. FAQs

1. Can you hack someone’s Android remotely?

Yes, you can hack someone’s Android remotely by using two methods. Instead of getting yourself into something technical, you can use Msafely to hack someone’s Android device.

2. Can you hack someone’s Android without having access to the target Android device?

Yes, you can hack someone’s Android without having access to the target Android phone with the help of Msafely. All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned steps, and you will get access to the target phone.

3. How can you tell if your Android phone has been hacked?

If your Android phone has been hacked, you will notice some unusual activities on your phone such as unfamiliar texts, calls, and apps, battery draining, and a significant spike in data usage.

4. Is it legal to hack someone’s cell phone remotely?

Although it is legal to hack into someone’s phone if you want to help, the legality of hacking someone’s Android phone remotely generally depends on local laws.

Part 8. Conclusion

And, we're done! Our Android lovelies would’ve gotten the idea of how they can hack into someone’s Android device remotely, and without any doubt, Msafely can be your ninja sidekick in this regard. However, in some instances, some malicious hackers may get access to your phone. In that case, you need to be vigilant and take all the measures into consideration to make sure you stay safe!

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