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How to hack a phone by phone number free

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You’ve probably been thinking that there can be a lot of ways to hack into someone’s phone but none of them includes a phone number, like, how can this be possible? Well, grab something before you fall down in shock because you can! You can hack someone’s phone by using just their phone numbers! Can’t believe what you’ve just read? Don’t worry, we’re here to walk you through every inch of how you can hack someone’s phone by using just their phone numbers, and by the end of this article, we’ve also kept some tips in store that can help you protect from malicious hackers who want to have a taste of your phone. So, fasten your seatbelts because it’s going to be an exciting ride!

Part 1. Is it possible to hack a phone with just a number

Yes! It is totally possible to hack a phone with just a number. These few digits are like keys to a magic world of Narnia, given that you use them in the correct way. So, before you move on in the wrong direction, here’s how you can locate a phone with just a phone number.

Part 2. How to locate a cell phone by phone number free

No matter which brand you use – an iPhone or an Android – you can easily locate your target phone by using their phone number for free. We’ll divide each section based on the brand you use.

2.1. Locate an iPhone by phone number free

With the help of “Find my iPhone”, you can easily locate the target iPhone by phone number free, given that this app has already been installed in the target iPhone. This app helps you locate an iPhone by sending your location through Google Maps, and here’s how you can do it.

How can you locate an iPhone by phone number?

Step 1: Login to your iCloud account

By using the Apple ID and password, log in to the iCloud account with the help of a Mac or a PC.

Step 2: Tap on the icon of Find My iPhone

Once you log into your account, you will see an icon named “Find my iPhone”, tap on it, and you will be taken to a map, where the location will be shown by a green dot.

Step 3: Click on the info “i” button

Right next to the current location of the iPhone, you will see the icon of info “i”, and once you see it, tap on it to come across a bunch of options.

Step 4: Click on the options

If you want to know the exact location of the iPhone, you need to tap on “Send Message”. If you want to erase everything from the device, you need to select “Remote Cleaning”, and if you want to lock the iPhone, you can select “Remote Lock”.

Step 5: Start locating!

When you select the option of “Send Message”, you will receive a message about the current location of your target iPhone for you to locate.



    You can easily locate the target iPhone using a couple of simple steps.


    You will acquire the exact and current location of the iPhone.



    You will need the credentials of the Apple ID of the target iPhone.

2.2. Locate an Android by phone number free

In this case of an Android, you can easily locate the phone with the help of “Find My Device”, and here’s how you can do it.

How can you locate an Android by just a phone number?

Step 1: Go to the Android’s website

You need to start by going to android.com/find and sign in by using the Google account.

Step 2: Click on the device to locate

Select the device you want to locate by clicking on the top side of the bar.

Step 3: Start locating!

Once you select the device, you will immediately see the location of the target device on Google Maps. From there, you can select the options of playing a sound, securing the device, and erasing data.



    You will acquire the accurate location of the target Android phone.



    You will need to know the credentials of the Google account linked to the Android phone.

Part 3. Best way to hack someone's phone without them knowing

If you're seeking the best way to discreetly monitor someone's iPhone or Android, I highly recommend Msafely. As a robust monitoring software, Msafely empowers users to effortlessly access SMS, call logs, GPS location, browsing history, WhatsApp, and nearly 30 other data types on others' mobile phones. It's the sole monitoring software that doesn't require installation on the target device and is easy to set up in just 3 steps. Whether you're monitoring an Android or iOS device, it offers a comprehensive monitoring solution.

Features of Msafely:

How to use Msafely to hack someone's phone:

Step 1: Register for a free account

Visit msafely.com and click on "Sign Up for Free" to create a free account with a valid email.

Step 2: Connect the device

Connect the cell phone you want to hack.

Step 3: Start hacking

After successfully connecting, you can log in to the dashboard to spy on the target phone remotely in real-time.



    No need to install any app on the target phone.


    Supports all iOS and Android systems.


    User-friendly. Complete the connection in 2 minutes.


    SMS, Contacts, GPS location, WhatsApp, etc, up to more than 30 kinds of data can be tracked in real-time.

Part 4. Signs your phone is hacked

Apart from parents and employers who are trying to hack someone’s phone for safety, there are several malicious hackers who are trying to get into your phone for illegal reasons, and sadly, sometimes the bad guys win. In this case, your phone will give you signs that it has been compromised.

  • Your phone is taking too long to load a web browser and it has become too slow all of a sudden. This is a sign that your iPhone or Android may have been hacked.
  • Even if you’re not doing any activity, your phone suddenly starts to get extremely hot, which indicates your phone has been hacked.
  • Your phone has been under attack if your phone’s battery is draining rigorously.
  • Your iPhone or Android may be infected if you suddenly see a lot of strange pop-ups and ads.
  • If you’re receiving unknown messages or calls, it is a sign that some malicious hackers have gotten a hold of your phone.
  • If you see unexpected spikes in your data usage, it is a sign that your iPhone or Android has been hacked.

Part 5. Ways to protect yourself from phone hacking

It is better to be prepared than to feel worried later, which is why we’ve compiled some ways through which you can protect yourself and your little digital buddy.

  • Make sure the two-factor authentication is turned on in your iPhone or Android. In this way, whenever someone wants to gain access to your phone, you will get notified.
  • To save yourself from getting hacked by your phone number, it is advised that you lock your SIM by putting a special pin on it to avoid SIM-swapping. You can do this directly by setting a pin on your devices or by contacting an authentic carrier.
  • Avoid clicking on any links or messages that you have never seen before or if they appear suspicious.
  • Exercise caution when connecting to public WiFi and VPN networks, as some individuals may exploit these connections for tracking purposes.
  • If you’re getting a one-ring phone call, don’t give in to temptation by calling back because this is one of the tricks of the scammers to get your phone number and hack your phone. Instead, to be safe, just block the number and move on.
  • Whenever you’re out in public, make sure that you keep your phone with you at all times, giving no time to scammers to swap your SIM.
  • Avoid installing apps through emails or unknown numbers as scammers may use these for phishing.

Part 6. What to do when your phone has been hacked

However, if none of the above-mentioned ways pan out for you and your phone still gets hacked, here’s what you can do:

  • Disconnect your phone from the Wi-Fi and forget that network altogether to cut ties between the hacker and you.
  • If the threat has begun to rise after you’ve downloaded some apps, uninstall them immediately.
  • Install a reputable antivirus or anti-malware system to scan and remove malware from your iPhone or Android.
  • Make sure your phones and apps are updated to the latest software, which contains enhanced security patches.
  • Change the passwords of your iCloud/Google accounts along with all the other apps immediately.

Part 7. FAQs

1. How to hack a phone with just a number?

You can hack a phone by using just a number through “Find My iPhone” on iOS devices and “Find My Device” on Android devices. However, each of these methods offers some pros and cons, which can’t be ignored. So, instead, you can take the help of Msafely, which can hack a phone remotely.

2. How can you hack an iPhone by using a phone number?

You can hack an iPhone by using a phone number through “Find My iPhone”. However, for this method, you will need the credentials of the target Apple ID, but with the help of Msafely, you can not only hack an iPhone, but this software will not let anyone know either.

3. What is the best way of hacking an Android without them knowing?

The best way of hacking an Android without them knowing is by using Msafely. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily hack into an Android remotely and without them knowing.

4. Is it legal to hack someone’s phone by using a number?

The legality of hacking someone’s phone by using a number depends on local laws.

Part 8. Conclusion

Wasn’t this exciting?! Now, you know that it is possible to hack someone’s phone by using just a phone number, no matter which device it is, and we can also conclude that Msafely is by far the best way through which you can hack into someone’s phone without them knowing, as it keeps everything a hush-hush. So, if you want to make sure that your loved ones are making safe choices, try Msafely today!

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