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How to Track Someone’s Phone to Read Their Text Messages

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In today’s digitally dynamic world, we all, from time to time, get face to face with the compelling duo of “worried parents” and “closed-off children”. On one hand, we have worried parents who are filled with concerns regarding the safety of their children, whereas on the other hand, we have closed-off children who have mastered the art of digital word, becoming ninjas at protecting their digital secrets and life. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the dynamics of how you can track someone’s phone and secretly view their text message without having access to their phones. Moreover, we’ll also shed light on whether you can use a phone number or a text message to get into someone’s phone or not. You’ll also explore how you can check whether your own phone has been tracked or not and if yes, what can you do to protect it.  

So, if you’re a worried parent who’s sick of knowing nothing about the life of your children or just someone who wants to increase the security of your phone, take a walk with us to navigate the digital wilderness!

Part 1. Is it possible to track someone's phone and view their text messages without physical access

With the help of two tech-savvy agents, it is possible to track someone’s phone and view their messages without physical access.

1. Lock Screen Bypass

Through lock screen bypass, you can track someone’s phone and view their messages without them knowing. All you have to do is trick Siri. Wink-wink.

Step 1: Activate Siri

If Siri is enabled on the target device, you can activate it by giving it a command like “Hey Siri” or by simply pressing the home button. 

Step 2: Give commands to Siri

You can ask Siri for information even when the device is locked. To view the text messages, give Siri the command “Read my messages”. 

Step 3: Start reading

Once you give the command, Siri will start reading the messages!



    You can get hands-free access to someone's phone


    Convenient way of accessing someone's phone



    Requires target device for access


    Sometimes, Siri may not do what you commanded her to do


    The iOS version may be different

2. Kali Linux 

Another way you can track someone’s phone is by using Kali Linux. However, the downfall of using this method is its technicality with all its coding and configurations. 

Believe us, no one wants that, especially a parent who has been introduced to the digital world, which is why this method is not recommended at all. 

Part 2. How can I secretly track someone's phone to view their text messages

Apart from the lock screen bypass and highly complicated Kali Linux, we also have another software in store that can get you into someone else’s phone quite easily. Enter Msafely.

(1) Overview of Msafely:

Msafely – The software you didn’t want but needed. Msafely is your go-to partner in crime and in this case, keeping your children safe. It’s an online software that helps you view someone’s text messages without them knowing, without installing any app on the target device.

Msafely is perfectly compatible with both iOS and Android devices. So, don’t fuss over the kind of device you use, Msafely has got your back, no matter what. Let’s see how you can set up your secret agent.


(2) How to set up Msafely on Android and iPhone

Setting up Msafely on Android or iPhone is a game of just three simple, quick, and easy steps. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Create an Msafely account

Visit msafely.com and sign up for a free account using a valid email.

Step 2: Bind the device

Once you’ve registered, you can connect with the target device. 

Step 3: Start viewing

Once you’re verified, you can log in to your dashboard, which should look like this. From there, you can view all the messages you want without them knowing and without having physical access to the target device.

(3) Bonus Point of Msafely: 

Msafely doesn’t stop at just text messages. It goes way beyond that. Msafely also helps you monitor GPS locationWhatsApp messagesphotos, videos, and so much more.

Part 3. Can I track someone's phone using only their phone number or a text message

Tracking someone’s phone by using only their phone number or a text message is highly unlikely. Sure, the idea of tracking someone’s phone by using only their phone number does sound intriguing but let’s face it. Tracking into someone’s phone is no catwalk. 

But be aware: Though you can track into someone’s phone quite easily using Msafely, claims of tracking someone’s phone through a text message or a phone number is plain scam. So, stay safe and cautious in this digital jungle, and don’t click on anything that sounds fishy. 

1. How do you know if someone tracked your cell phone

Getting your cell phone tracked is not fun. It’s a little game of hide-n-seek that no one likes, and the worst part is? Some people may not even know whether their phone has been tracked or not. To protect your privacy, we’ve narrowed down some phone behaviors that can help you discover whether your phone has been tracked or not. 

  • Unexpected account logins: Your phone may have been tracked if you’re getting notifications of unrecognized logins to your social media accounts as well as your email.
  • Unexplained draining of battery: If your phone battery is draining awfully quickly, it can be a sign that your phone might have been tracked. 
  • Unfamiliar apps: The premises of your phone may have been breached if you’re suddenly seeing unfamiliar apps on your phone.
  • Abnormal usage of data: Not a single change in your phone behavior but there has been an abnormal data usage on your phone? It’s a sign that your phone might have been tracked.
  • Strange calls or texts: If you see unknown texts or calls in your log or if your friends are getting odd messages from your number, it may be a sign of a data breach. 

2. How can I protect myself from tracking and secure my phone 

Trackers are everywhere and their prying tactics can find you (if not already). If you haven’t been the victim of the trackers, it’s not too late. Let’s secure your phone together so no one can access your phone, apart from you. Here are some tips on how you can secure your phone.

  • Set strong PIN codes/Passcodes: To lock your phone, use a complex PIN or password. Don’t just go with “1234” or “0000”. 
  • Turn Biometric Authentication on: Adding an extra layer of security can help you save your phone from trackers. In this case, enable facial or fingerprint recognition.
  • Regularly update your software: To keep your trackers at bay, regularly update your software with up-to-date security updates and patches.
  • Download your apps from a trusted source: Only download those apps, which you get from a trusted source, such as App Store on iPhone and Google Play Store on Android. 
  • Limit the App Permissions: The permissions you grant your apps must be limited and reviewed. Only give access to those features that are necessary.
  • Stay cautious of Phishing: Be aware of unrecognized links, emails, or texts. Don’t click on any link that gives fishy vibes. 
  • Log out of all your accounts: Remember to log out of all your accounts once you’re done using them, especially in public places.

Part 4. FAQs

1. How can I read someone's text messages without accessing the target phone? 

You can read someone’s text messages without accessing the target phone with the help of Msafely. Just follow the quick and easy steps to create an account on Msafely and you’ll be reading someone’s texts in no time. 

2. How can I track someone's phone to read text messages without their phone? 

By using Msafely, you can track into someone’s phone to read text messages without their phone. Once you log into the dashboard after finishing the initial steps, you can track into someone’s remotely. 

3. How can I track someone's phone to read text messages without them knowing? 

You can track someone’s phone to read text messages without them knowing by taking help from Msafely. It is a software that helps you track into someone’s phone without them knowing.

4. Can I track someone's phone to read text messages without being detected? 

Yes, you can track someone’s phone to read text messages without being detected and this can be done through Msafely. No need to install any app on the target device. Just sign up for a free account on Msafely and you can read someone’s text messages remotely.

5. Can I track a Phone by phone number?

No, you can’t track a phone by a phone number. If you see any such claims, remain cautious and don’t fall into any traps.

Part 5. Summary

Voila! There you have it – tracking someone’s phone to read their text messages without them knowing. With the help of the right tools by your side, you can become the hero of this digital world. With Msafely as your partner, you can keep an eye on your children without having their phones or without them knowing. With our tips on how to keep your phone safe, you’ll remain one step ahead of those cyber-street smarts, as you should be. Cheers to a more secure and safer future in this digital, tech-savvy world!

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