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5 Best Free Spy Apps for iPhone You Need

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When you type cell phone tracker into a Google search you get more than a million results. How to choose the right and effective one among the many mobile phone monitoring software? This is a challenge for every user. You're lucky to be reading this. We'll break down the 5 best free spy apps for the iPhone. These mobile monitoring apps can help you easily track someone's phone activity without being detected.

5 Best Free Spy Apps for iPhone

Part 1. Is There A Free App to Spy on Someone’s Phone?

Maybe 10 years ago, you could not imagine how others could monitor your mobile phone, but now, with the development of technology, mobile phone monitoring software has become common. Maybe your phone is being monitored by someone else, but you don't know it. A good mobile monitor has good compatibility, preferably compatible with both Android and iOS devices. With monitoring software, you can remotely monitor your partner's phone without being detected, easily accessing text messages, photo albums, GPS location, and even chat logs from social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

While there are many mobile phone monitoring apps out there, there are only a few that actually offer useful features. In order to save you time and effort, we have done detailed market research and listed the 5 best free spy apps for iPhone in this article. You should note that some apps are free to view demos and pay to use the actual features. If you purchase a suitable plan from Msafely, you will feel it is well worth your money. With Msafely, you can safely grasp the information of your target device and get updated data in real time. You know who they're talking to, what they're talking about, their browsing history, where they've been.

Part 2. 5 Best Free Spy Apps for iPhone in 2023

1. Msafely Cell Phone Tracker

Msafely for iPhone is a robust cell phone tracker you deserve. With strong tracking features, sincere customer support, reasonable price, and professional technical support, Msafely wins the trust and praise of customers all over the world. Msafely ranks top with such advantages among 5 best free spy apps for iPhone in 2023. With Msafely, you can remotely monitor your target device without being caught while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Features of Msafely

Msafely can help you track text messages, calls, videos, notes, calendar, GPS location on the target iPhone. Just login to your dashboard, and you can view all data on the target iPhone clearly. Except for tracking someone’s iPhone remotely, you can also download text messages, photos, and other files from the dashboard.

Msafely enables you to track browsing history, browser bookmark, email and Wi-Fi of target phone. You can know what the other person is browsing online. By viewing the WIFI connection record, you know where the other person has been.

For remote monitoring, you don’t need to install app on the target phone. All you need is to get iCloud credentials for the target phone. Once you finish setup, you can start tracking target iPhone without jailbreak.

Msafely is very simple to operate. It is user-friendly for both professionals and normal person. Even if you don’t have related knowledge, you can use Msafely without any technical obstacles.

Msafely can works well on all iOS devices. You can use Msafely to track all iPhone and iPad.

With Msafely, you can track all social apps on the target phone, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LINE, Telegram, etc.

Msafely offers 24/7 customer support. No matter what questions you have, you can get in touch with our customer service quickly. You can choose to send an email or just click on the online customer service in the lower right corner of the website.

Now that you know the advantages of Msafely, what reason could you have for not choosing Msafely? If you are looking for a professional phone monitoring app, Msafely is the best option for you. 98% of users are very satisfied with the functionality of Msafely after using it. Because Msafely can safely get almost all the tracking software you need for your phone.

It is very easy to operate Msafely. In just 3 easy steps, you can start monitoring your target device remotely. As a parent, you're worried about your child looking at adult content online or encountering scammers online. Msafely can help you put these worries to rest. Once you safely attach Msafely to your child's phone, you can know exactly what your child is doing on the phone, such as tracking their social media chats, checking their GPS location, accessing their browsing history and so on. If you want to learn more about Msafely before buying, you can check out the demo. You know that Msafely is a powerful and simple phone monitoring app.

In addition to excellent tracking, Msafely is also very reasonably priced. Msafely has three plans as a 1-month plan, a 3-month plan, and a 12-month plan. The prices are shown as follows:

1-month plan: $48.99/month 
3-month plan: $27.99/month 
12-month plan: $11.66/month

You can choose according to your monitoring time. The longer you choose to subscribe, the more deals you get.

2. uMobix

uMobix is mainly designed for parental control. You can use uMobix to monitor your children's cell phones and ensure their Internet security. With the user-friendly interface and basic tracking features, uMobix is also a pretty good parental control app.


Features of uMobix

Prices of uMobix

1-month plan: $59.99 / month 
3 months plan: $99.99  
12 months plan: $179.88

If you want to choose a parent monitoring software, uMobix meets your basic requirements. But if you want a more professional phone monitoring app with all the features, it's better to buy Msafely directly and not waste time and money on another app that doesn't work.

3. FlexiSpy

To use FlexiSpy, you need to get the target device first because you need to install FlexiSpy on the target device. Note that FlexiSpy is not available on all iOS devices. So, before you buy FlexiSpy, you'd better ask customer service to see if your phone is compatible with FlexiSpy, in case you pay for the software and it doesn't work.


Features of FlexiSpy

Prices of FlexiSpy

Premium Plan: $68/month 
Extreme Plan: $199

Obviously, FlexiSpy costs a lot more than Msafely. Most users still want to choose the cost-effective mobile monitoring software, with reasonable price and effective features. FllexiSpy doesn't offer any more functionality than its peers. When users shop around, there's a good chance they'll ditch FlexiSpy.

4. ClevGuard

ClevGuard is also another parental control app that you can use to protect your children from hidden internet risks. The advantage of ClevGuard is that it has Ge0-fences. You can set restricted areas on your children’s phones. Once they leave or enter the area, you can get an email notification immediately. In this way, you can also ensure children’s safety when you can’t accompany them.


Features of ClevGuard

Prices of ClevGuard

Monthly Plan: $29.95 / month,

Quarterly Plan: $16.65/ month

Yearly Plan: $8.32/ month

5. MobileStealth

MobileStealth is a cell phone monitoring app compatible with all devices, including iOS, Android, Windows PC, and MAC. With MobileStealth, you can keep an eye on the target device, such as tracking GPS locations, SMS, and calls. It is a kind of service based on iCloud backups.


Features of MobileStealth

It is much more expensive than the Msafely.

Prices of MobileStealth

Pro Plan: $59.99/ month

Pro X Plan: $69.99/ month.

Part 3. Summary

There are so many mobile tracking apps out there, it's not easy to choose the one you need. So, we've picked out the 5 best free iPhone spy apps and covered them in detail in this article for you to consider when choosing a mobile tracking app.

The concept of free needs some explanation here. These apps offer free registration, and free demo, but you have to pay to use the features.

When you need to choose a professional mobile tracking app, you can consider the above five apps. Msafely is our most recommended. It has excellent tracking functions, a simple control panel, user-friendly operation, a reasonable price, and timely professional customer service. In the face of such excellent mobile tracking software, why are you still hesitant? Buy Msaefly and use it! It will definitely give you an unprecedented user experience.

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